Drama / storytelling, maths and "general knowledg" programs

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Drama / storytelling, maths and "general knowledg" programs

Postby hwtan » Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:16 am

Hi all

I've a son who is turning four in Dec this year.
- He is bright and curious about the world, likes to ask questions.
- He takes to Math and numbers very well.
- He is always asking to learn "lists" of facts and gives all sorts of precocious replies to questions, etc.

We'd like to find out if there are some good enrichment programs which will help him develop, specifically in the areas of:
- Drama / speech. We would love for him to speak confidently, stand in front of a group and tell stories, etc. There are very few places that focus on this I think.
- Maths capability. Are there any good "math" related development programs. He is good with numbers and can count way up to hundreds. We are also interested in e.g. chess programs too.
- Also, any programs which teach "general knowledge" - what cities there are, geography, the arts, who is Mozart, who are the queens and kings of England, what is World War II - I would also like him to try some of these.

Thank you.

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