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GEP screening test? Go or no Go

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Post by gifted » Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:08 am

Hi NJmom,

Let your girl goes through the 2nd round first, you can make your decision after she is being selected for the GEP.

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Re: Experience with GEP

Post by Fairy » Wed Oct 08, 2008 11:38 am

NJmom wrote:Hi, I am a newbie here. My daughter has been selected to take the Screening Test for GEP. We would like to find out from other experienced parents how their children cope with GEP before deciding if she should take the test. Many thanks.

Anyone at P3 can take the screening test for GEP. The top 6% (previously 3000, this year 4000) will be invited to take the selection test. Among them, only the top 1% (around 500 plus) will qualify for the GEP programme.

I have one child who successfully cleared both rounds and one who was among the top 3000 but not the top 500. Both of them did not receive any preparation at all. Both took the tests without any expectation or pressure. I do not believe in preparing the child for it. If one is gifted, he will be challenged and happy in the programme. If you get in through rigorous preparation courses (i heard available nowadays), you will suffer and be miserable throughout the 3 years. What's more, the curriculum is so intense you may find difficulty coping and may not do well in P6 when you join the mainstream in taking the PSLE. Believe me, unlike what most parents thought, the GEP curriculum is NOT STUDYING IN ADVANCE. It's about breadth & depth. Most of what you learn is not to prepare for PSLE. That is why a GEP student may not necessarily do as well as the mainstream in PSLE. They are so occupied with projects and assignments (not related to PSLE preparation) that they have very much lesser time for their PSLE. I believe the 'assumption' supporting the programme is "if you are really a gifted learner, you will still be able to cope and do well".

Therefore, I am strongly against 'preparing' a child for the GEP selection test. Why not let nature takes its course? A child's learning journey is a long one that stretches 12 to 18 years. Why take the chance that he may be burnt out at the initial stretch of the journey?

The above is just my opinion.

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Post by mumwgals » Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:20 pm

Hi NJmom,

Congratulations to your child being selected for the selection test! Which means your dd is among the top 4000 P3 student in Singapore. That's some recognition! :D

So far from what I have found out, the GEP programme are a course designed to cater for a different group of students, for those intellectually gifted kids. Thus, the learning concepts and assumptions are completely different from our main stream. There will be alot of research work and like what fairy has mentioned in her post, there's more breadth & depth. They have more opportunity for presentation work too. It is also true that they only prepared the kids in P6 for the PSLE. That's the reason why not all GEP kids are high scorer for PSLE. I have read some very good review from parents who have kids in the programme, and most of their kids are enjoying the course. One of the story I have read, this kid was so happy that she need not 'fight' to stay at high position in order to get into the TOP class for the following years till P6. There's no position grading in GEP classes.

I would suggest you to let your dd sit for the selection test. Once she is selected (the result will be out on early Nov), there will be a briefing session on 6th of Nov (as stated in the GEP webpage), there and then you can clear more of your doubts on GEP programme and make a decision together with your dd if she is willing to take up the challenge.

Good luck!

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Post by NJmom » Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:19 am


Thanks so much for the inputs.

Things would have been simpler if we were in Singapore. Problem is we have to take a 13 hour flight back home if we decide to let her sit for it.... Sigh...

David Koriadi
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Post by David Koriadi » Thu Oct 09, 2008 12:06 pm

Hi NJmom,

If you decide to let your daughter to sit for it, pls remember the schedule for this year's GEP selection test.

16-Oct-2008 ( Thursday )
09.00 AM - 10.10 AM ( 1 h 10 min ) - English Language
10.55 AM - 12.15 PM ( 1 h 20 min ) - General Ability I

17-Oct-2008 ( Friday )
09.00 AM - 10.35 AM ( 1 h 35 min ) - Mathematics
11.20 AM - 12.15 PM ( 55 min ) - General Ability II

Best wishes & pls do not sigh.

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Post by NJmom » Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:47 pm

Thank everyone for the support and information.

Vanilla Cake
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GEP Selection test 2008

Post by Vanilla Cake » Fri Oct 17, 2008 3:47 pm

[Moderator's note: Topics merged.]

Hi All,

Thank you for your time in reading this thread and your helpful replies.

I have a younger sister (P3) who took the GEP selection test 2008 on 16-Oct-08 & 17-Oct-08.

On 16-Oct-08, it was the English language paper which lasted 1 h 10 min.This was followed by the general ability I paper which lasted 1 h 20 min.For the general ability I paper, there were 55 MCQ with 5 answer options to choose from.1 mark for each MCQ.Total marks was 55.

On 17-Oct-08, the Maths paper lasted 1 h 35 min.This Maths paper came in 2 booklets (A & B).For booklet A, 20 MCQ & 20 SAQ.For booklet B, 4 MCQ & 4 SAQ.1 mark each for MCQ and 1 mark each for SAQ.Total marks was 48.

Questions from Maths paper (not in exact words):

Booklet A, Q37
1 cat can catch 2 mice in 3 days.How many cats are needed to catch 100 mice in 30 days ?

Booklet B, Q7
A and B started at the same point and walked in opposite directions.For every 20 metres A walked, B walked 12 metres. If A walked 1 km, what was the total distance between them ?

Booklet B, Q8
This question came with a diagram.It was a square with 2 diagonals crossed at the centre of the square.The length of each diagonal of the square was 8 cm.Find the area of the square.

My younger sister told me that her neighbourhood primary school's Maths teacher didn't teach her how to solve this kind of question - Booklet B, Q8 at P3 level as this was not in her school's P3 syllabus.Not fair and as expected, she got this wrong due to ignorance. She cried after the Maths paper and I had to buy her favourite snack - Pandan cake to console her. :(

After today's Maths paper, there was a short 45 min break.This was followed by general ability II paper which lasted 55 min. The GA-II paper came with 2 booklets - A & B.Booklet A was 24 MCQ with 5 answer options and booklet B was 10 MCQ with 5 answer options.Total marks was 34.

For students or parents of these students that had taken GEP selection test 2008, pls kindly share your comments and thoughts in this subject.

Warmest regards.

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Re: GEP Selection test 2008

Post by ChiefKiasu » Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:06 pm

Hi Vanilla Cake,

Was your sister allowed to bring home the booklets? If not, then I would say she is definitely gifted in being able to remember what she went through up to this level of details! She has nothing to be ashamed of.

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Re: GEP Selection test 2008

Post by Jennifer » Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:13 pm

ChiefKiasu wrote:Hi Vanilla Cake,

Was your sister allowed to bring home the booklets? If not, then I would say she is definitely gifted in being able to remember what she went through up to this level of details! She has nothing to be ashamed of.

Ya, my elder boy took the tests in year 2006, came back saying he cant remember anything.

Vanilla Cake
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Post by Vanilla Cake » Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:27 pm

Hi ChiefKiasu,

My younger sister was not allowed to bring back all the booklets.In fact, she could even remember more Maths qns involving diagrams. I didn't post them as I could not know the technique for posting them and she could solve them correctly.

She could remember some GA-I & GA-II questions too.However, the last Maths qn was a killer.

She told me that she was out of the 1 % cohort. Bye2 to GEP. :(

PS :
Hi Jennifer,
Out of curiosity, did your elder boy got into GEP ? I think my younger sister took more time to remember questions rather than answering them correctly. What a tragedy.

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