Submucous cleft palate kids

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Submucous cleft palate kids

Postby Cheepoozz » Fri May 04, 2012 11:22 pm

Hi, i want to find out if any of your kids are having this problem.
Did you went put thru your kids for operations or how are you managing this problem?

My son is in K1, has been diagnose with this since 3Yo.. i was told by KKH there is no need to operate but to put him on speech therapy.. which we have gone thru for the 1 yr +.. seeing improvements but slow as his speech is slightly hollow and we cant seem to understand him at times. I wanted to explore the possibility of getting a perfect speech if we put him thru ops..

End of the day, i wanted him to regain his self esteem when he starts P1 and not get ostracised by his friends.

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