homeschooling autism

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homeschooling autism

Postby muimui69 » Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:47 pm


I am in a dilemma situation on planning my girl with autism education placement. This year she will be due for P1 registration. However,

Should I
1) defer her for 1 more year before enrolling her to special school or mainstream (depend on her IQ assessment results)
2) homeschool her for two to three years until she is mature enough and enrolling her back to school.

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Re: homeschooling autism

Postby worried_mum08 » Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:51 pm

Hi muimui, saw your post on planning to homeschool your girl with autism. To be very honest with you, (i m a school teacher as well) , mainstream school has very limited resource to cope with children like ours. Every year the new P1s who comes in to school, will have about 3 -5 cases of special needs and the number is increasing by year. The AEDs and the counsellor cannot attend to each of them for long hours like in pre school or EIPIC centre.
However, i still believe that with strong family support, your child will be able to cope.
Especially that your child is a girl. According to my school counsellor, girls can recover / overcome this condition easier and faster than boys.

Just something to share: My son was diagnosed with ASD last year. We had no prior family history(from both sides) with children or any1 with this disorder. Relatives who do not understand looked at him in a ver different way. Could not follow all the instructions in the Childcare Centre that he attend. I was really upset and did not know how to cope at time. He throw tantrums also. Doctor refer him for therapy sessions and he was eventually referred to EIPIC at THK this February. Condition did not improve drastically. Until 3 months back, my SIL's friend recommended me to try out on Essential oil, and after 3 months , we (myself, SIL, BIL, and even my mum who is taking care of him) feels that his communication skills improve a lot. He is able to sit still for a longer period of time. This makes me certain that his condition can further improve if i persist. Any1 who is interested to try, can PM me. I can get my SIL to share more as she had been using the product for a longer period of time. Just to clarify, I am not earning anything. Its purely sharing. Y not give your girl a chance to try. She may benefit.

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