19mths boy not talking

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19mths boy not talking

Postby san20sg » Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:26 pm


I have some nagging concerns about my son who is now 19+mths about his speech/language delays.

1. He doesn't respond to his name at all. But he understands and responds to instructions sometimes.
2. He cannot talk other than 4 words - mama/papa/baobao/tickle.
3. He doesn't use the words mama/papa meaningfully. Baobao & tickle yes.
4. He doesn't like to face me when I tried to pull his face towards mine when I mouthed all the different words. But he can face me when we are playing.
5. I brought him for kindermusik and julia gabriel classes - he's not very sociable with other kids but he responds to his teachers.
6. He's very curious but he does not participate like for example pass a ball to another kid. Or play with other kids.
7. He's very inattentive in class and can wander all around the class on his own without regard for the others, even while others are concentrating to do some special tasks like arts & craft etc.

I checked against a couple of development checklists - he's ok with all except for the speech/language development portion (by now, he should be talking at least 20-50words) and borderline on the social/personal portion.

I am wondering if I should bring him to a speech therapist/ development specialist/ psychologist to help him out. There are so many specialists around and I do not know which is the one I should go to for help.

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Re: 19mths boy not talking

Postby Teacher Lin » Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:09 pm

Hi there,

As an early childhood professional and prior experiences with autistic and dyslexic children, I will recommend for you to understand and appreciate your child irregardless of his condition. At this age, it is hard to obtain any definite diagnosis of his condition, the best way is to continue making keen observations of his speech and behavioural presentations as you have done. It could be a passing phase or could be something more definitive. Whatever it is, do not leave it to chance, early intervention should be considered.
Feel free to contact Lena via email: kidspartners@hotmail.com or call
6908 5539 as I have a team of teachers trained for early intervention.

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