Will your teacher in enrichment program care for your kid?

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Will your teacher in enrichment program care for your kid?

Postby Karkar » Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:40 pm

Hi Mummies,

i need your opinion on below
My fren's son is in Montessori school. he was vomiting and coughing and going through a difficult time at the school before the class started. His teachers saw it but none of them offered any helping hand to him. The boy's grandma was holding him and helping him, teachers who walked past him again didn't say a word.

to me, teachers are not caring at all. even though this is not a childcare centre, but if teachers know a boy is under distress, and yet they ignore him, is it common in enrichment class/school? I thought the basic that a teacher can do is to ask what happen to him, whether they need any help or anything? even outside in shopping mall, passer-by would stop and offer a helping hand, not to mention that the kid is already in his school and the teachers all know him.

When i know about this, i am very disheartening. it shocked me further that my fren was told that usually enrichment teachers ignore all these as there are so many kids having the same problems every now and then. If so, you shouldn't call yourself teachers and your school shouldnt be running, or you need to let parents know about this at enrolment. I want to find out what's the normal practice in today's preschool.


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