Spring Brainy Kidz @Yishun

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Spring Brainy Kidz @Yishun

Postby autumncloud » Mon Apr 29, 2013 6:06 pm


Just for sharing..anyone who would like to enrol their child to childcare at Spring Brainy Kidz, Yishun St 71.

They have a dedicated principal, Stephanie but sad to say, the team of teachers are not passionate and are lacking of patience towards young children.

I enrolled my daughter to their pre-nursery class when she is 21 months old. As my mum looks after her, I would only like to put her there for half a day. Since this is the first time that my gal will be placed in the care of new caregivers, teachers, I would really like her to start slow. On the 3rd day, Stephanie requested me to leave her in the school for a longer period of time as for merely 2-3 hours, they are unable to observe her. She said my gal is doing well, at least she is willing to observe other children while crying. She asked for our cooperation. I know it is going to be difficult for my gal as she is the only child in the family and she does not have any cousins or friends of the same age group. But I agreed to her request.

The school does not have any orientation and does not allow parents to be in the class for the first few days. The teacher forces my gal to queue up like the rest of the children and decides to leave her alone crying. She showed how impatient she was with a crying new student and being unable to carry on with her class.

My gal fell sick on the fourth day. Although we noticed that one of the teachers actually used the same tissue to clean her sweat and nose mucus during the outdoor play, we did not assume that is the cause. We understand that she needs to be exposed to the new environment and falling sick is inevitable.

After she recovered over the weekend, we sent her back on the following Monday. The feedback from the principal is always positive..give my gal more time. On Thursday, my mother actually saw how the teacher treat my gal when the principal and supervisor were not around. They hung the water bottle on her neck and she was following all the teachers around and crying loudly. They completely ignored her. One of them even shoved her away and at one point, lifted her up and put her down to sit on the floor roughly.

This is it.. we could not stand it any longer. There are many negative feedback we have from the neighbours on how uncaring, impatient and fierce they were. The young children were lying on the ground during outdoor play brawling but the teachers were busy talking. Some of them wandered away and fell down but the teachers were totally unaware. But we wanted to give the school a chance. It ended up that we are wrong.

We pulled my gal out of the school since then. The school did apologize but they give reasons like the teachers are too stressed up and insensitive to the children. And the mainland Chinese teachers are typically unhygenic. What a comment! :siam:

Just our 2 cents worth.

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