Year end concert ticket cost

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Year end concert ticket cost

Postby ConcernedDaddy » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:23 pm

Dear fellow parents, for this coming year end concert that are held at external venues, how much are your kids' preschools charging per ticket?

Does the ticket cost includes food, photos and videos?

Do you feel it is value for money?

Thanks for sharing!

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Re: Year end concert ticket cost

Postby Imami » Sat Sep 28, 2013 5:26 am

Dunno how much is the ticket yet. But I have already paid $30 for the concert attire.

Last year's concert ticket was $10 each. So it's about $50 for both parents to attend. Includes a simple lunch buffet spread and the kids' tpt.

Photo and videos are done by professionals, need to pay extra. I think photo cd is $10 and DVD is $25? Something like that...

Value for money??? This was never a consideration since my child really looked forward to us watching him perform. I supposed at $50 for both parents, this was not a concern but if we had to pay hundreds like some atas preschools/childcare, then i guess I would think about the value.

Regardless of the prices, it's very hard to say no to our children. Especially if they are playing lead role, they are the emcee of the concert or they really look forward to it. For my kid's case, he played the lead role, was the emcee and was so looking forward to it that I found it hard not to pay.

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