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Postby chengtng » Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:39 pm

Hi All,

I will be returning to work after my ML in Nov, and we are looking for infant care facilities near the Dover / Buona Vista / Holland area. My First Skool is completely full, and we weren't too impressed by the counter staff of Agape, so we were thinking of LSH By-the-Vista. Just wondering whether anyone has any thoughts to share? My principal concerns are as follows

- Do children from LSH BTV keep falling sick? (I am concerned because I've exhausted ALL my annual leave for this year to spend as much time with my child as possible post delivery)

- How are the infant care teachers at LSH BTV? I've heard stories about some infant care teachers simply leaving kids to stare into space all day. I've been blessed with the sweetest little one, who doesn't cry or ask for attention even if he's being left alone. This is exacerbated by the fact that I'm taking care of him all alone at home (till ML ends), and so he has kind of learnt that even if he cries etc., I usually can't come to him quickly.

- I understand from my visit at LSH BTV that there is no schedule offered to infants. Instead, their method is to help the infant develop according to interests. How effective is this? I am quite concerned because at the last developmental assessment, my child didn't hit a couple of milestones, so I'm guessing he might need some guidance.

- What are the methods of teaching? Any flash cards, books etc.? From my visit, it seemed as if there were only very few toys... Not much material to work with it seems.

- Are we able to provide them with materials then?

- Do children who are sent to infant care develop slower than children who are taken care of by their own parents or grandparents?

- Are the teachers at LSH BTV patient? My little one has problems feeding from a bottle (I'm training him now and trying to wean him from BF), and may take a long time to finish a bottle. Not sure if the teachers at LSH BTV would have the patience to finish feeding him, as he always finishes his feed as long as we are patient enough...

I've a lot of questions, I know.. But would appreciate any comments / suggestions, or even referrals to good infant care centres in the area! Or just people to shed some light in the area of infant care. I've been experiencing a lot of nay-sayers who claim that infants are just left to rot in beds / rockers all day, and that the teachers are too busy to do anything constructive with your child! It's a pity that this is Singapore and it's simply difficult to survive on one income. :shrug:

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