Bigger or smaller K2 for your child?

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Bigger or smaller K2 for your child?

Postby korbu » Mon Oct 21, 2013 10:09 am

Hi Parents,

Would like your advise and opinion on whether a larger K2 class is beneficial for the child to transit to primary school. Or would a smaller class benefit the learning for the child at this level?

Currently my DD is in K1 with 22 kids in total and recently I've decided to send my DS to an infant care. Anyway, this is my DD's first year at this current school. She was in her previous CC for 2 years before we switched her here, because we shifted.

So I'm contemplating whether to send both siblings to the same CC now because my DD's CC doesn't offer infant care services. The new CC will obviously be smaller due to it being a new setup.

Apart from the convenience, I'm also wary of changing school for my DS at this stage. Any advice?

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