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Learning Kidz

Postby Concerned Mum7 » Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:26 pm

I recently got to sit-in with the outlet at AMK Jubilee. Was shocked that they charge so high but standard is really bad.

Teachers mostly snaps and shouts at kids. I was told, that if you don't shout, kids wont listen. One of the teacher did not notice i was there. Even threw a chair on the floor to show how 'fierce' she was.

Although they have a big toilet, 30 kids are squeezed to be bathed together. The children would wait in their towels, while some do not even have chairs to seat on.

They have 3 aunties but classrooms are not kept clean. Kids eat and sleep in the same classroom. Often teachers would scold the kids for making a mess, because they have to clean up. And later got to use the same floor to sleep on.

I pity the kids there as they are not able to verbalize their views on the school.

Some good schools i have been to, kids are lively and expressive.

In this school, kids are afraid even to express themselves.

Anyone has other experiences from Learning Kidz?

Concerned Mum7
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