Non English speaking teachers

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Non English speaking teachers

Postby nhl » Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:04 pm

I am wondering if I am being very unreasonable here.

The situation is this. I am a non Chinese speaker and we had our children at a childcare centre for the last four years. So far we have been very happy.

However, for the last month the teacher receiving and handing back the children has been the Chinese teacher. She is one of the more senior staff and is very good, but doesn't speak a word of English.

I find this very difficult as I now feel completely disconnected from the childcare centre. Before I was able to ask if the children slept in the afternoon, or of the ate well. Small things like this. Last week they were a bit sick and threw up at home, only when one day there was an English speaking teacher I found out this also happened at school. And at times I have to ask my children to translate for me.

I brought this up with the principle and was told that I can always ask to talk to an English speaking teacher. But that would be a big hurdle....
To ask for an english speaking teacher just to ask of they slept, ate well, were particular naughty or how come they have this unknown toy in their bag...

I actually changed childcare centre for this reason before. At that time the eldest was not feeling to well and about to fall sick and was I handed back to me without any notice and when I asked I was unable to get an answer on how she had been.

Is it really unreasonable to be able to expect to communicate with the teacher in English?

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