Smartz Learning Hub @ Bedok CC

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Smartz Learning Hub @ Bedok CC

Postby mamajs » Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:20 pm

Hi mummies,

Has anyone heard of Smartz Learning Hub at Bedok Community Club? I heard that the school adopts montessori-teaching and class size ratio is small. Am thinking of sending my gal there since it is near my house...

Please share your experience with me.. Thanks in advance! :smile:

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Re: Smartz Learning Hub @ Bedok CC

Postby odelicate » Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:57 pm

Hi, I enrolled my children there. It was sunny bunny montessori before they change owner. Personally I really like the principal, she's very good with children, flexible, speak proper english and very engaging. There are 2 chinese teachers for the toddler class, one of them (the younger one) is also quite good. The english teachers for the toddler class were nice, but not the kind of montessori standard I expect, they are not engaging and sometimes the choice of words they are using are not the proper english standard. but then again maybe it depends on each mom's expectation. I've seen the previous english teacher before they change the owner, and she was very good, too bad she's not there anymore.

For the workgroup 3 years and above, there's one main teacher that I find more of a hdb void deck childcare style teacher. But so far that I see, she's quite nice.

Overall, I really like the flexibility that was given by the principal, I like her teaching style (she's very good). However, some of the teachers do need certain improvement. the children are supposed to be encourage to develop their creativity, decision making, solving problems and working on solution, because that's some of the purpose of montessori method.

I've been doing researches and survey for many preschools, honestly, not many good choices around bedok area.

Anyway that was solely based on my opinion :)

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