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Re: Creative O

Post by Cl13 » Sat Sep 02, 2017 12:34 pm

Hi Han Seo,
Thank you for the sharing. I can hear that you are truly impressed with Miss Tan's leadership. I'm very interested to meet her and learn more about the school from her. Fingers crossed that this is the school for my Son. We have some bad experiences in the other school so having good, kind , loving and fun Teachers is truly important to us. He is so against the idea of going to school now. haiz.. thus, I'm concerned about our next step.

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Re: Creative O

Post by Sky_Blue » Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:27 am

This is an article about the school, I guess. The only pre school bring kids to St. John's island..... So, believe it is Creative O although no school name is mentioned. ... 017-803361

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Re: Creative O

Post by alwaysbuzymum » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:33 am

alwaysbuzymum wrote:My eldest son graduated from CreativeO and my 2nd son currently in CreativeO. Just to share with you a bit of my experience with CreativeO.

First of all, I would like to say thanks to Li LaoShi who taught my eldest son. She is a super dedicated teacher and well respected by parents. CreativeO has many dedicated and experienced teachers. Sadly say, a few good one incl Li LaoShi have left the school.

CreativeO does not emphasise on academic. It focuses a lot on project learning and character building. No homework, no hypy was taught and not much spelling.

My eldest son is attending one of the top primary schools. The transition to primary school was a painful one for my eldest son, from an unconventional to classroom environment. He was struggling at first (in P1) to catch up school syllabus. His peers were far advanced than him in terms of Chinese writing, hypy, times table etc. He always place at "hot seat" in front of teacher because of fidgeting. To survive in highly pressurised primary schools, we have to “stress” him a bit to make sure he is not too far behind. He does not have the “competitive” mindset. But sadly say we live in Singapore.

Having said that, my son is doing fine at school (can be better in the eye of KS parent). He is a fast learner especially enjoys studying Math and Science but not language subjects. He is curious, good in problem solving and strong in logic thinking. Attending CreativeO does help him in terms of character building, boost his curiosity and observation.

For my 2nd son, I am struggling whether should I transfer him to a more academic focused preschool to give him a good headstart. I have not done so because I am in the paradox of good result versus happy childhood, psle versus long term.

If you are KS parent yet like CreativeO learning style, be prepare to help your child during transition or sent them for extra enrichments.
My 2nd son finally graduated in 2017. Although his brother had painful P1 transition, I am glad that I still put didi in CreativeO. My 2nd son has built up very strong characters - very confident, curious, never give up and view learning as self challenge/ fulfillment. He is doing well in P1 and I never regret to put both boys in Creative O.

I see and feel the quality, characters and values built in CreativeO. My boys will volunteer doing house chores, tell me to save environment, they hand make their own toys, do various experiments themselves. “The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires” . I think CreativeO teachers somehow have instilled something and made them so adorable.

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Re: Creative O

Post by kay_liz » Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:53 pm

Hi all, just to share that my child is also studying in Creative O and I have nothing but praises for the school, principal and teachers!

My child was from one of the top preschools. However, she is a slightly slow learner and in that previous school, she was not able to keep up with her peers.
Even her teacher at that time was not very encouraging and only kept stressing us on what she could not do compared with the rest of her classmates.
After a series of unhappy incidents, we decided to switch to Creative O.

Prior to enrolling her, we visited the school and I must admit that my first impression of the school was that it is a bit old and messy. However, now as I think about it, it really isn't that bad.
At least the school is kept clean, kids also have ample space to move around and display their art work.

Changes that I saw in my child in previous school vs. Creative O:
My child was never able to write independently -> Able to write her name, copy simple words.
Unable to speak Mother Tongue -> Able to converse with us (not fluent, but still can be understood)
Refused to eat school food (she could go without food the whole day) -> Eats everything during lunch
Never spoke in class -> Can play happily with teachers and classmates

Although there is no spelling, difficult homework, but I do not find it a problem.
For parents who want their child to be very advanced in academic, I think is either you send them to a academic based preschool or bring them for enrichment lessons.

To me, what matters most is she is enjoying her childhood while receiving education. They have so many years of stressful education after preschool. I know my child's potential, so I will only guide her as she grows, rather than to shape her into my expectations.

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