Saraswathy Kindergarten ROCKS!

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Saraswathy Kindergarten ROCKS!

Postby jaclifto » Fri Sep 24, 2010 8:55 pm

I have been in the education line for close to 12 years. Over the 12 years, I have learnt different ways in which a child should be nurtured academically and emotionally at different age levels. Creating a positive physical and emotional environment was a key factor to have children take a greater ownership of their learning.

When my son first went to this kindergarten, I was nervous as any parent would be sending their 3 year old. My nervousness was more to his age and the impact he may face learning in a structured environment at such a young age. Even though my elder boy had completed his kindergarten education at the same school the previous year, My nervousness was obvious for my wife to see.

It was Saraswathy Darma Muneeswaran kindergarten that nurtured my elder son from a school cruiser to a child genuinely interested in his learning coupled with the character building that gave him the never say die attitude. The reason why my elder son is unfazed with primary school is due to his commitment as well as his kindergarten. But I digress.

Over the months that my younger son has been in this school, I have been constantly amazed at the level of commitment he has to learning and the love and affection he has for his teachers in the school.

His robustness in dealing with his daily affairs have always if not most of the time been a strain for me as a dad to keep up with him mentally and physically. However, the energy and vibrancy the teachers have shown from their hands on activities, to their big book sharing has left me amazed at the dedication they have to nurturing a child in a myriad of ways.

I would like to thank the school for the chance to meet up with my son's teachers as well as the opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to the teachers, especially Mrs Vijay , whom my son adores tremendously. He has learnt to temper his thirst for knowledge by balancing with taking the time to foster his understanding in his lessons. I am extremely thankful that the school decided to open up the pre-nursery class.

Any Indian parent who is looking for a pre-primary school for their child, I highly recommend Saraswathy Darma Muneeswaran

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