Is changing of school necessary?

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Is changing of school necessary?

Postby Mummy Three » Mon Jan 07, 2013 3:35 am

Hi mummies,

Need to some opinions on my boy who's just attending K1 in one of the PCF Centre. Previously he was from other school but felt that the programmes that the sch offered didn't impress much and very boring though my boy had been there since his playgrp n nursery classes.

Entered PCF as we thought that PCF offered more progressive programmes for the kindergartens and received positive feedback frm friends' who kids attended PCF in other locations.

We chose this particular centre which is 2 bustp away frm our place as we wanted a schbus (other centres don't) as I have two other kids age 3 and 1 yr so not that convenient for me to travel w 3 young kids thinking of the consequences when raining. Nearest is opposite few blcks away across the road. Hubby didnt allow as we have to cross rd a few times before reaching the ctr. And still need to walk few blks away. stucked now for long term wise. Will send my girl to nursery nxt year same sch w the bro which will be the last yr for him. But when he reaches P1 thinking of sending him nearby our place.

Now thought of changing the new sch for him which is nearer to our place, w/o schbus and i have to send him to n fro bringing along my other 2 kids as nobody to look after. My boy is so active just scared that i might lose grab on him while pushing my double pram. My hubby just worried that i might not be able to cope w time and handle travelling all of them by myself everyday.

So headache not able to decide what's best for my kids. Nearby centres near my blk are mostly CHILDCARE! Your comments and suggestions are really appreciate.

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