Punggol ecokidd

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Punggol ecokidd

Postby Btmc » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:19 pm

:sweat: My son study in ecokidd (punggol24th)for 2yrs since he is 20mths,i am happy about the teacher in tis school coz they r very warm n carrying to my son ,i feel very safe n happy about the teacher , but from end of 2012 , tis school management seem have some problem ,

1 . they keep changing supervisor (change 3or4 supervisor in 4to5 months ) ,i also cannot remember who was their name as they was only work with tis school for maybe 2months . :slapshead:

2 . High turnover of the teacher ,
some of the teacher was suddenly left the school without any notice to the parent ,like my son class , last year the form teacher is very good n kind ppl , my son just attended the school for 2or3month ,the teacher suddenly left without any notice , one day i call to the teacher want to ask about my son performance in school , they told me the teacher is left for weeks already , and they put 2 different level class to 1 teacher ,coz they short of teacher ,in tis year there r more than 5 teachers left tis school .
last week ,my girl fd (who also is one of the parent in tis school )told me ,his son teacher suddenly left , my fd told me she feel very very sad n unhappy of tis case coz she called to the school , one of the school staff told her that :is very small matter of changing teacher , now is Nov already , even changing teacher also will not effect the kids coz left 2moths for tis yr only ,,
How can they be so irresponsible ? If changing teacher is a small matter , there will be no bonding for teacher n kds , :mad:

3. After they change the new supervisor , is very difficult to locate her in the afternoon ,if we want to find out anything is very difficult ,coz when ask the teacher ,they will told u :sorry mummy ,i dont knw or sorry mummy , i cant tell you ,better ask the supervisor ,.but the funny thing is ,when u ask the superviosr , she seem dont know much things , even my son need help ,omg

I want to say i like all the teacher in the school coz they are good , but i m not impress the incharge , n the bad management , :stompfeet:

We parents group up to discuss to change school coz we feel that all good teacher has left , is it good to continue if the school management is so irresponsibe :mad:

What is all mummy suggestion? :?: :?: :?:

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