How to "train" an infant to sleep without being carried ?

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How to "train" an infant to sleep without being carried ?

Postby Panerex » Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:33 am

seeking some kind advice here..i am a newbie in the sense of a 1st time parent.

I don't put my son on the cradle; let him sleep on the cot instead.

Nowsaday when he is tired, he would want us to carry him till he sleeps, otherwise he will keep crying.

I supposed he likes the feeling of being carried and moved ard; even putting him on the stroller does not help despite the stroller movement.

How would I be able to "train" him to sleep on the cot, or for that matter, does not have to be carried and "rocked"/"moved" to sleep?


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Re: How to "train" an infant to sleep without being carried

Postby icy_mama » Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:50 pm

hi panerex

all my 3 children have different sleep patterns.

#1 needed to sleep on my chest, shoulders and once put her down into her cot or on any flat surface, she'll wake up almost immediately. can be tiring and frustrating at the same time, but i think it's best for the infant to feel secure and safe. no matter what, after 9 months in a tight environment in your womb, with the sound of your heartbeat and stomach juices rumbling through every second of her life that she knew, a quiet, cool cot will seem so foreign and unsafe.

however, do not rock excessively, i do not even pat. just hold him close. when u thought he is already sleeping, go on and put him down. when he wakes, pick up again. when he sleeps, put him down again. after sometime, he will learn that his cot isn't that bad afterall. but in the meantime, the picking and putting down could be tiring but please do not give up. your child needs to know his needs will be met and thus should reduce the cry for attention in the long run.

u would want a well adjusted and happy baby who doesn't fuss too much. 'training' takes time and alot of effort. do ask for help if u are feeling too tired. but the same technique must be applied so as not to confuse the baby.

hope this may help. happy parenting. :smile:

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Re: How to "train" an infant to sleep without being carried

Postby KimMills » Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:38 pm

There's no hard and fast rule about this. If your baby was sleeping in the cot earlier, then this may be a passing phase. Infants like to be carried and the human touch and once we do that it doesn't take time to become a habit. Like icy_mama said don't rock him too much, let him take comfort from the warmth he gets from you and gently put him down when you think he's about to fall asleep. Don't worry, we have been through this and it passes soon.

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