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Re: Science Tuition & Enrichment @ Tinkerlab Learning Centre

Post by Tinkerlab » Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:20 pm


New Classes in 2019!

P3 (Wed) 7pm to 9pm*

P3 (Thu) 5pm to 7pm

P3 (Sat) 12pm to 2pm

P4 (Mon) 5pm to 7pm*

P4 (Thu) 7pm to 9pm*

P4 (Sat) 2pm to 4pm

P5 (Fri) 5pm to 7pm*

P5 (Sat) 4pm to 6pm

P6 (Wed) 7pm to 9pm*

P6 (Fri) 7pm to 9pm

Click on our website to register :smile:

*Minimum 4 pupils to start

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Re: Science Tuition & Enrichment @ Tinkerlab Learning Centre

Post by Tinkerlab » Wed Apr 17, 2019 9:20 pm

Tinkerlab wrote:
Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:50 pm


Details of PSLE Science Intensive Revision Workshop

• 10 – 14 June 2019 (Mon – Fri) & 17 – 21 June 2019 (Mon – Fri)

• For full payment made before 30 Apr 2019 (Tue), participants will get an EXTRA round of revision on our online e-assessment portal for free. This means that they will enjoy earlier activation of portal account and use it for SA1 revision as well as Prelims and PSLE!

Sessions available:
9am – 12.15pm (Mdm Tan) :rahrah:
10am – 1.15pm (Mr Allan) :rahrah:
• 1pm – 4.15pm (Mdm Tan)* -- Pending
* Min. 6 to start a class

Fee for 30-hr workshop:
• $1050 nett (Inclusive of all workshop materials + e-assessment portal account)


Q: What will you be covering for this workshop?
A: We will be doing a thorough revision for ALL the topics from Primary 3 to Primary 5. Primary 6 topics will be integrated wherever possible, as the main focus is to help the pupils recap concepts from past year topics. The online portal will include ALL P3-P6 topics.

Q: How will your workshop be conducted?
A: The PSLE paper is divided into 2 main parts – Life Science and Physical Science. This is why our workshop is conducted over 2 weeks – one week to revise Life Sciences topics, and one week to revise Physical Sciences topics.
Each day, we will focus on a specific topic or a group of closely related topics. Our workshop this year is divided into 2 components, based on the format of the PSLE Science Paper:

(a) Multiple Choice Questions:
The multiple choice questions can be practised by the student at his or her own pace at any time and place through our e-assessment online portal.

There will be a revision test for all the topics covered during the workshop. Your child’s answer is auto-marked by our system immediately and a detailed explanation is provided if his or her answer is wrong.

The shift to online practice for the multiple choice questions allows us to use all the time during the workshop to focus on the open-ended questions and answering techniques.

(b) Open-ended Questions:
The open-ended questions will be practised in class at Tinkerlab during the course of the 10-day workshop. There will be a wide range of question types and the instructor will highlight key concepts and specific answering techniques through discussion of the questions compiled inside. All questions will be completed in class so that the remaining time after the workshop can be used for the revision of other subjects. The only component that your child needs to do at home would be the online learning at our e-assessment portal.

Q: Can I sign up for only a few days or just one week?
A: Due to the limited number of classes and our policy of keeping the class size small, we are only able to accept participants who can attend all the 10 days of revision.
However, if the demand for a revision workshop just on Physical Sciences topics is high and instructor is available, we will consider opening up a separate class just for this group of pupils.

Q: What happens if my child does not attend certain sessions? Will there be a refund or makeup session?
A: Workshop fees that are paid is strictly non-refundable, as the vacancy has been reserved for your child fully for the 10 days. In the event that your child misses out on a session, we will pass the booklets to him or her to do and provide the answer key after marking the work. The instructor will also make arrangements to provide feedback to your child.

Q: What are your charges for the workshop?
A: Our weekly tuition classes for P6 are charged at $30/hr and our workshops are charged at $35/hr. The PSLE Science Intensive Revision workshop is a 30-hour workshop (3 hours per session x 10 days), so the workshop fees will work out to be $1050 nett.

Q: Why is your workshop so expensive?
A: The cost of our workshop seems high due to the high number of hours (30 hours) we spend and we limit the class size so that your child will get optimum attention and opportunity to discuss and ask questions during the workshop. The amount of practice we provide is also immense, for at the end of the workshop, your child would have practised a few hundred exam-type questions, all with detailed explanations and guidance provided.

There are many other PSLE-related workshops and boot camps, and each differs in terms of:

Duration – number of sessions and how long each session lasts (E.g. 2 hours each day for 4 days vs. 8 full hours completed in one day)

• Format of workshop – Will written exercises be given and marked for assessment, or is it just a lecture-style workshop where instructor talks and gives examples and notes? Will there be active discussion or passive listening during the workshop?

• Qualification and experience of instructors

• Quantity and quality of revision materials

• Whether assessment of your child’s learning will be provided with specific feedback or just attendance-taking

• Whether training of exam skills is integrated and practised or just verbal sharing of exam skills

Due to the many differences that all these workshops may have, it is unfair to compare based on total costs. All other qualitative factors aside, our workshop rate of $35/hr is often lower than the hourly rates of workshops with a lower total fee.

We have made a conscious effort not to overcharge and take the easy way out by competing at lower costs through conducting shorter easier workshops that will require less resources and time commitment on our part, or increasing the class size to increase revenue. We strongly believe that there are no short cuts and quick fixes in learning, and the only way to improve is to practise and practise. That being said, it is a workshop worth investing only if your child is able to focus and undergo a 30-hour course. So it is more important to discuss with your child and seek his or her opinion if they can stay committed and motivated throughout the 10 days.

Q: Can my child skip attending this revision workshop but purchase the revision booklets for the open-ended questions?
A: Hard copies of our revision booklets will not be available for sale.

:rahrah: Register online via our website :rahrah:

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Re: Science Tuition & Enrichment @ Tinkerlab Learning Centre

Post by choohk118 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 10:32 am

Hi, can you advise me on how to improve the score in Physics?

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Re: Science Tuition & Enrichment @ Tinkerlab Learning Centre

Post by Tinkerlab » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:33 pm


Please register via our website. Thank you!

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