A-Level H2 Economics Intensive Revision / Crash Course!

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A-Level H2 Economics Intensive Revision / Crash Course!

Postby OTA_2013 » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:41 pm

June 2013 Economics Intensive Revision / Crash Course / Group Tuition

24th June: Micro Part 1
25th June: Micro Part 2
26th June: Macro Part 1
27th June: Macro Part 2

Duration: 9.30am – 7.00pm
Location: Punggol

Rate: $250/Day
Class Size: Max 10 Students

Description of Course:

The Economics Intensive Revision course is prepared specially for students who have completed the A Level Economics syllabus in schools, but would like to recap and strengthen their foundation in the Economics concepts, as well as to gain further exposure in the application of the Economic concepts in both case studies and essays.

This course is designed to cover the key topics and is interjected with breaks to ensure maximum effectiveness in learning. The breaks would also serve as additional one-to-one opportunities for students to clarify any other doubts that they might have.

A revision package will be provided for all students!

Teacher's Profile:

Mr Tan is a current Senior Lecturer in a Top Junior College and teaches the Top Classes in school. He is also an Associate Lecturer in SIM University of London Economics Program and was once an MOE Scholar. He also achieved First Class Honors (Top honors student) for Bachelor of Arts and Social Science (Hons), NUS.

Contact: 93606402
Email: ohanatuitionagency@gmail.com
Visit http://ohanatuitionagency.wix.com/index for more information!

Students can choose to sign up for the full 4-day course or just select the days they wish to attend based on the topics they need help with.

Sign up with your friends too to enjoy exclusive discounts! (limited places available)


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Re: A-Level H2 Economics Intensive Revision / Crash Course!

Postby rwdmathexpert » Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:15 am


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