Private Mathematics Tuition (West) NO AGENT

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Private Mathematics Tuition (West) NO AGENT

Postby h070069 » Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:25 pm

Dear parents,

I would like to offer my services as a private tutor (fulltime). I am currently staying in Jurong East, and teach both Primary and Secondary subjects as follows:

Primary: Mathematics (both normal and foundation)
Lower Secondary: Mathematics
Upper Secondary: E. Math, A. Math

I firmly believe that a strong foundation in all subjects is essential for doing well. To establish this foundation, I ensure that my students rely not on memory work, but on a genuine understanding of the key points and concepts in any subject. This enables my students to gain the confidence in tackling any type of problem, as they are able to fully grasp what they have learnt and apply their knowledge accordingly.

To help my students attain a complete understanding of their subjects, my teaching materials include not just assessment books, but exercises tailored according to each student's ability and rate of progress. I do not recycle my materials. Each individual student will have an exclusive set of study materials set by me that will best benefit their understanding and learning progress.

Should you wish to engage my services, kindly contact me via email at, or send me a PM on this forum. I will be happy to answer any questions regarding my teaching methods and experiences, as well as to provide verification in the form of my academic certificates. I regret that I might not be able to accept all requests, as I have limited slots available.

Thank you for your time.

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