Raffles graduate tuition!

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Raffles graduate tuition!

Postby druid97 » Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:21 am

RI/RJC graduate here, looking to offer tuition services. Offering GP and English, preferably in the West area.

Relevant Results: All As for humanities in A levels (A for History, Literature, General Paper and Economics, so I feel quite confident in my ability in the humanities)

I tend to prefer teaching people the skills needed to score in the subject (the essay and exam skills) rather than content. Everybody studies the same books, and have access to the same notes and contents, but what differentiates students is their skill level, their ability to mould and shape the content to their usage. Nevertheless, I do have relevant content archived from my time in RI/RJ that I would share with my students. 

Preferred time & available timings: because of my schedule, I'll not be able to commit to a fixed timing every week. However, I'll definitely be free on at least 2-3 days per week, so we can definitely work something out! See it as having the freedom to meet wherever we're free :)

Previously conducted tuition with upper secondary to JC students at public cafes. I find that better and more conducive for learning, as compared to home tuition. Also, all my previous students have shown significant improvements especially in their essays, so the proven track record is there. Students can also message me whenever they have questions!

Expected tuition rate per hour: $35 per hour for secondary level, $40 per hour for JC level.

Contact me at 85228036 if interested! :)

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