Stressed Over Your P5 Child's English Results?

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Stressed Over Your P5 Child's English Results?

Postby DoAppliedLearning » Thu May 11, 2017 5:03 pm


We will help improve your child’s English grades by 10%, or more. Guaranteed!

The fact of the matter is if your child is currently struggling in English at P5, chances are that he or she is likely to perform poorly at the PSLE next year.

Failure to score an A or better at the PSLE, for English especially means that your child will be severely disadvantaged when selecting his or her secondary school. This is why I’m pretty sure you know what getting 10 extra marks, or more, at the PSLE, can mean for your child’s future.

We all know however that getting good grades for English is not something that can be achieved overnight; especially since the requirements needed for your child to do well in the English exam seem to get harder and harder each year.

Even you, at times, may find it difficult to understand and guide your child. Making this even worse, sending your child for tuition elsewhere has not helped, and your child’s English grades are still slipping.

As a parent, I’m sure that you want the best for your child, and this unpleasant situation may even have caused you countless headaches and sleepless nights, given the fact that English is the most important subject for your child in primary school.

So, what can you do about this?

Take the first step today to Improve Your Child's English By 10%, or even more, with me, tutor Daniel Ong, a former MOE officer who drafted speeches for Cabinet Level Ministers, and who also contributed to the PSLE Review.

All you have to do is 'Pick up the phone', 'Dial 9105-0593', and Schedule a Free 1-On-1 Diagnostic Consultation for your child.

There is absolutely no loss for you, and everything to gain for your child.

After all, 9 in 10 of my P5 students improved by 10% (or more), and had gone on in P6 to secure their A for PSLE.

Call 9105 0593 Today!

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