Help Your Child Gain A 2 Grades Improvement For English!

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Help Your Child Gain A 2 Grades Improvement For English!

Postby DoAppliedLearning » Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:52 pm

Hi there,


I'm Daniel Ong.

Some of you may know me as the former MOE officer who drafted speeches for Cabinet Level Ministers and who contributed to the PSLE Review. Others may recognise me instead as the Tutor in Marine Parade who has helped many students like your child to achieve a 2 Grades Improvement (Or Better) for English.


Regardless of how you got to know about me however, what is more important for you is that you are looking for a better way for your child to learn English, and I can help you with your concern.

Before I share more on how I will help your child though, please let me first explain to you the challenge your child is facing in school today.

English today is tested in a very different manner from the past. It is no longer just a test of your child’s grammar and vocabulary skills. While these are still important, higher order skills such as logical thinking and creativity are increasingly being tested as well; and the truth is, many students are not equipped with the right tools to handle such questions.

This is why the #1 reason so many students are struggling with English today is due to the difficulty they face in understanding and answering the questions in the English exam. In many cases, this also affects students who come from English speaking households and/or who scored A for PSLE English (if in secondary school today).
The next question that is on your mind now is probably "So What", as you are likely to be more interested to find out "How exactly do I help your child do better for English?". This is also a question that many parents have asked me, and I always have the same reply - There Is No Substitute For Good Teaching.

What is good teaching then?

There are three things that I usually like to focus on:

• First, having a clear understanding of your child's learning requirements. A good teacher will first diagnose your child so as to accurately identify at an early stage the specific areas that are holding your child back from doing well.

• Second, providing customised learning materials for your child. After the initial assessment, the next thing a good teacher will do is to tailor a curriculum for your child that is based on his/her learning needs as revealed by the diagnosis. This is necessary because each child has unique learning requirements which in turn requires a customised approach towards learning.

• Third, using Step-By-Step Methods that your child can easily apply in school. Knowledge without application is useless. This is why a good teacher is most importantly someone who is able to teach your child how to apply time-tested methods in a step-by-step manner. Only then, will your child be able to understand the exact requirements of the exam, attain the skills to handle the questions, and achieve a 2 Grades Improvement (Or Better) For English.

If our way of teaching sounds like something you might be interested in, do contact us to arrange for a Free 1-on-1 Diagnostic Consultation For Your Child, and Help Your child To Experience A 2 Grades Improvement (Or Better) For English Today!

Thank You & See You Soon

Contact: 9105 0593
Classroom Venue: 86 Marine Parade Central


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