Extra Service: Review exam scripts for H1/H2 Math

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Extra Service: Review exam scripts for H1/H2 Math

Postby angwc » Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:02 am

Hi parents,

Recently I have spoke to many parents who are seeking help for their children with regards to poor performance in A level mathematics. I realise many concerned parents share a common difficulty, that is they are clueless about the reasons for the poor performance. To my surprise, there are parents who are not sure how JC education works and the differences between A level and O level, apart from the brief descriptions provided by the schools (which they always paint a beautiful picture).

What many parents do is to "outsource" the problem to external parties, i.e. the tutors, to help solve the problem. However not all tutors are experienced enough to find out the reasons for poor performance, which is different from showing the students the model answers.

Moreover I feel that parents have to play a central role in guiding the students in the correct learning behaviour, apart from being a financial support. Some parents are asking if I can do a review of their children's exam scripts and advise them accordingly, which I am happy to help.

Hence I am extending this service other parents too. If your child is not performing well in school for Math and you would like me to do a review and find out some possible reasons, please do the following:

1) Scan the school question paper and children's exam script, if you have the model answers it will be the best.
2) Email to ang.alevelmath@gmail.com and drop me a msg (SMS 81502027 or Whatsapp 94385929) to inform me you have
sent me the documents.
3) I will reply through email my opinions (please give me a few days as there are many parents requesting for my service and I have a full time lecturer job and babies to look after :D)

Perhaps in the near future we can always hold a sharing session to discuss among parents and me as a former JC educator on the ways to help our children/students.

Mr Ang


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