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Postby popp » Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:09 am

Original Title: Perceptum - P4 Math


Does anyone has any feedback on the P4 teachers at Perceptum. I know their star tutors only teach the P5 & P6 class, so not sure if their P4 teacher is just as good.

I am looking for a good Maths tuition centre for dd for next yr.


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Re: Comparing Tuition Centres

Postby all for kids » Tue Oct 08, 2013 9:50 am

I'd come across many tuition centres and tutors, I am all support for Perceptum. Both Mr. Lee (Math) and Mrs Sim (Science) are very good; so are their teachers. They are certified former school teachers and HODs. Not only are Mr. Lee and Mrs Sim good at their knowledge, they go through every student's workings to mark – not by the answersheet.

Besides, they also help their students when they face problem with their school work or assessment papers through means of whatsapp and emails. I am impressed that they bother to entertain me even during weekends / public holidays. I have yet come across any tutor that would go beyond their tutoring hours to extend their help. Not that they need to do so, under no obligation they merely care.

Some parents may complain of many hw during P5 and P6 and Perceptum should not add on. I disagree. As saying goes, practice makes perfect. Human brain doesn’t withhold memory for long. To keep what they learn, they have to read / apply their learning regularly; especially right after learning a new topic. My DD used to hate math and did badly in P5 SA1. She has improved so much in her method of approach and concept. She is one of the high scorer in these subjects in her top class . Most of the questions given in Perceptum materials appear in schools’ SAs and PSLE. My DD has just completed her PSLE 2013. Many of Mr. Lee and Mrs Sim questions (same or similar) appear in PSLE papers. I believed they truly put in a lot of effort to study and extract practices from past years' papers, analyse the question trends. They put emphasis in the technique to answer MCQ and OEQ, given them numerous practices. Nearing PSLE, all I did is to rely on their worksheets even though I'd a huge library of assessment books and reference guides. Regardless of her result, I salute their passion and willingness to help their students.

My girlfriend started her DS under Mr. Lim (P4 and P5 Sc) and marks improved from 70s to 90s . My another girlfriend who started her DS with Mrs Sim 1.5 month and another; under Mr Lee 3 months prior PSLE benefitted from their teachings and materials.

Whichever tuition centre one selects, it has to suit their DS/DD. Importantly, parents must ensure that both parent and child chip in their effort as well. There is only 1 class a week, without conscientious effort to revise and apply their learned technique, nothing will work.

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Re: Perceptum - Discussion

Postby Lalamum » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:50 am

Hi All for Kids,

May I please ask you the cost structure?
Tried navigating their website and I found it tooooo taxing :(
Hope to hear from you soon cos I heard from my friend that they would be starting their new term in Nov 2013.

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