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Postby babysz » Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:25 am

I am looking for K2 to P3 children to form a new abacus class with my 2012 primary 1 dd.

The class is conducted in Soroban Education Centre at Orchard Road.
ds started training with the two teachers (Ms Wong and Ms Yen) in their Bukit Panjang branch since k2 (now he is going to primary 5) and I am very happy with the programme because (1) The class was personally taught by the two teachers throughout the years he was with them. (2) The two teachers are highly enthusiastic about abacus themselves - to the extent that they have set up their own personal abacus museum! (3) I like the finger abacus technique when ds first started his training with them, I think it has helped ds very much in laying a strong foundation in maths operation.

I can't fit into their new class schedule in Bukit Panjang Plaza. But according to teacher Ms Wong, they are also willing to start new classes on Sat 2.00-3.30pm or Sun 11.00am -12.30pm. More information about their programme on their web site:

Thank you!

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