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hello everyone,

fyi – sharing.

It is good to expose your kid from young, to read a wide range of various storybooks, from different topics.

some primary schools adopt Stellar reading programme.
Teacher read aloud stories from Big books.
after hearing, pupils break up into small groups to perform creative story telling, with actions. This is called Big Book sharing.

some of these books are found at National library.
They are written by renown writer, Joy Cowley.
Other authors include:-
Julie Lacome, Mercer Mayer, Brenda Parkes, Judith Smith, Suchen Christine and Shari Halpern.

below is a list of some Big book titles where teachers share with the primary 1 pupils in class.

Term 1

1) The Farm Concert
2) Smarty Pants
3) The Red Rose
4) To Town
5) Dan the Flying Man
6) Hairy Bear
7) Mrs Wishy Washy
8) Walking through the Jungle

Term 2

9) Crocodile's Tea
10) Who Will be my Mother?
11) Short, Tall, Big or Small
12) Grumpy Elephant
13) Poggy Frog and the Cows
14) The Hungry Giant
15) The Giant's Ice Cream

Term 3

16) The Jigaree
17) My River
18) Ants in a Hurry
19) There was an Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly
20) Lazy Duck
21) The King's Cake
22) The Enormous Watermelon

Term 4

23) The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear
24) Whose Hooves?
25) Mr Gumpy's Outing
26) There's a Nightmare in my Closet
27) Shark in the Park
28) When my Baby Sister Comes Home
29) I Want my Mum


1) The Biggest Hongbao in the whole Wide World
2) Ninko and Konga
3) Catch the Thief
4) Colours
5) My Little Body
6) The Big Pool
7) Mano Made a Promise
8) Grandpa the Collector
9) I Wish…. I Wish….
10) Nanny Nanny Poo Poo

11) Chug Chug
12) Bath Time
13) The Scientist
14) Who Wants to See the Doctor?
15) Baby Bunny
16) Julius Fatball and the Alley Cats
17) Roti Prata
18) Cheep, Cheep, Cheep
19) The Hatching
20) Milly and Tommy

21) Woo Won Ton
22) Who Will Play with Me?
23) Tito and Sono
24) The Angry Old Woman
25) Granny
26) Roger’s Friend
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Reading for Pre-Schoolers

Postby greenbean2011 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:08 am

[Editor's note: Article selected for Portal publication.]


for parents with kids from Pre-nursery level onwards, do expose your child to read as many different type of storybooks as possible – and as wide range as possible, including pointing out cute little pictures of animals, fishes (eg: fighting fish), plants, ocean animals, flowers, trees, etc. from encyclopedia, to your child.

it is important for a child to read widely - so that the child picks up vocabulary, as he reads along. This will help him greatly in composition writing later on. Then, he has length, breadth, depth and content to write about.

do bring your kid to National library often.
on certain days / nights, there is story telling at National library.
find out which day got story telling at your nearest library branch, bring your child along.

for parents with K2 kids, under Stellar programme, below is a list of books recommended for Pri 1 reading.

you may try to borrow from National libray.
however in the event they’re not there, because someone else has already borrowed out, you may try borrowing from NIE library (National Institute of Education library).

NIE has a section for young kids, although not many people are aware.

if you have close family relatives, cousins, nieces working / studying at NIE, you may approach them to help you borrow children’s books.

also, NIE library stores a huge, wide collection of Teachers’ Edition model answers workbooks for Primary schools english, maths, science, chinese, from Pri 1 to Pri 6, for Secondary school subjects from Sec 1 to Sec 5, and up to GCE A level.

you cannot buy these workbooks off the shelf that come with model answers, from Popular bookshop, or any other bookshop outside. Such books are banned from sale, across the counter.

why ?
imagine if kids manage to get hold of these teaching material that contain model answers, kids will become as smart as teachers, or kids may just copy answers out directly to submit as homework. Teachers will be out of job!

for parents in emotional trauma struggling with autistic kids, hyperactive kids, speech delay trauma, NIE library also house a huge collection of useful, beneficial reading material, guide books – that teach / guide parents …. how to cope with autistic kids, hyperactive kids, etc. NIE library stores suitable books regarding SG education curriculum, how to help autistic children achieve step by step, measurable, achievable educational milestones.

how to become NIE library member?
click here:- ...

what are NIE library opening hours ?

Primary One Recommended Reading List

Title, Author’s name

1 The Foot Book, Dr Seuss
2 The Nose Book, Perkin Al
3 The Ear Book, Perkins Al
4 Touch, Jackson Wayne
5 Sight, Suhr Mandy

6 You Can’t Smell a Flower with Your Ear! , Cole Joanna
7 The Magic Finger, Dahl Roald
8 My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother, Polacco Patricia
9 The Five Chinese Brothers, Bishop,Claire Huchet & Wiese Kurt
10 Dad, Rosen Michael

11 Grandma is a Runner, Crane Roberta
12 Crazy Cousins, Magee Wes
13 Minnie & the Champion Snorer, Mitchell Pratima
14 I love my family, Cowley Joy
15 Dee & Me, Rick Lois

16 Wanted Perfect Parents, Himmelman John
17 The Trouble with Gran, Cole Babette
18 Our Granny, Wild Margaret
19 My Sister the Supermodel, Mary-Kate & Ashley
20 Swiss Family Robinson, Stanton Harry

21 Pigs will be Pigs, Axelrod Amy
22 The Royal Nap, Black Charles C.
23 Murdoch Mole’s Big Idea, Adams Georgie
24 Annabel Again, Boland Janice
25 What Do You See? Nayer Judy

26 Who’s in the Jungle? Nayer Judy
27 Hurry Aboard, Nicolls Judith
28 A Frog in the Throat, Waddell Martin
29 Little Frog’s Monster Story, Deren Anna
30 A Frog has a Sticky Tongue, Graham Pamela

31 Much Ado At The Zoo, Tracey West
32 Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears? Aardema Verna
33 Rumble in the Jungle, Andreae Giles

34 The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Carl Eric
35 The Bad-tempered Ladybird, Carle Eric
36 The Grouchy Ladybug, Carle Eric

37 Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type, Cronin Doreen
38 A is for …? Horenstein Henry
39 Animal Alphabet, Kitchen Bert
40 Edward the Emu, Knowles Sheena

41 Whose Nose is This? Lynch Wayne
42 The Trouble With Elephants, Riddell Chris
43 I Went Walking, Williams Sue
44 Goldilocks & the Three Bears, Peralt Montagut Publishers
45 Cinderella, Brown Marcia
46 Beauty & the Beast & Other Stories, Carter Margaret & Offen Hilda

47 The Sly Fox & Red Hen, Hunia Fran
48 Hansel & Gretel, Hunia Fran
49 The Magic Porridge, Pot Stimson Joan
50 Wishing Moon, Harker Lesley

51 The Elves & the Shoemaker, Daly Audrey
52 Aladdin, Watson Brown
53 Pinocchio, Stevenson Peter
54 The Troublesome Tooth Fairy, Overwater Georgien
55 Little Swan, Geras Adele

56 Ballet Magic, Caster Harriet
57 The Mermaid’s Tail, Nibbles Aussie
58 Ballerina’s Magical Shoes, Ellsworth Nick
59 The Silly Story of Goldie Locks & the Three Squares, Maccarone Grace
60 Princess Primrose, French Vivian

61 The Toy Soldier, Pearson Education Ltd
62 The Tinderbox Soldier, Pearson Education Ltd
63 Ziggy Piggy and the Three Little Pigs, Asch Frank
64 Princess Primrose, French Vivian
65 Old Mother Hubbard and Her Wonderful Dog, Marshall James

66 Trouble With Rainbows, Brady Tess
67 Cat’s Colors, Cabrera Jane
68 Wise Owl’s Birthday Colors, Richards Dorothy Fay
69 My Many Colored Days, Dr Seuss
70 My Box of Color, Siomades Lorianne

71 What Sort of Day? Heinrich Sally
72 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, Martin Jr. Bill
73 Greta the Green Cow, Smith Roger
74 My Favourite Dish Has Many Colours, Wee Mabel
75 Blue Moo, McCaughrean Geraldine

76 There’s a Monster who eats books in our house, Grindley Sally

77 There’s a Nightmare In My Closet, Mayer Mercer
78 Very Big Horn, Cherie
79 The Boasting Monsters, Biro Val
80 The Monster Birthday, Biro Val

81 Oriki and the Monster Who Hated Balloons, Agard John
82 The Monster Pack, Biro Val
83 The Monster Feast, Biro Val

84 The BFG, Dahl Roald
85 Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Dahl Roald
86 Esio Trot, Dahl Roald
87 George’s Marvelous Medicine, Dahl Roald
88 Matilda, Dahl Roald

89 Fantastic Mr Fox, Dahl Roald
90 The Giraffe & the Pelly & Me, Dahl Roald
91 The Magic Finger, Dahl Roald
92 The Enormous Crocodile, Dahl Roald
93 The Minpins, Dahl Roald

94 Happy Birthday Pooh, Talkington Bruce
95 Pooh’s Wishing Star, Talkington Bruce

96 Winnie the Pooh & the Honey Tree, Talkington Bruce
97 Winnie the Pooh & Tigger Too! Talkington Bruce

98 The Mysteries Collection, Blyton Enid
99 Mr Pink Whistle Stories, Blyton Enid

100 The Case of the Creepy Castle, Mary-Kate & Ashley
101 The Case of the Dog Show, Mary-Kate & Ashley
102 The Case of the Rock Star’s Secret, Mary-Kate & Ashley

103 The Babysitters Club, Martin Ann M.
104 The Nancy Drew Notebooks, Keene Carolyn
105 What’s Bugging Bubbles, West Tracey

106 Tooth Fairy Travels, Herman Gail
107 The Smallest Girl Ever, Gardner Sally
108 Funny Jokes, Lim Khoi Wah[/i]
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Re: Reading for Pre-Schoolers

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Thanks for sharing :lol:

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