Compo and compre for older kids

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Compo and compre for older kids

Postby supermama » Sun Jul 24, 2011 11:42 am

Hi, anyone know of any tutor or any centre that provide good lessons on compo writing and compre answering skills (both Eng and Chinese)?

My ds1, sec2, reads a lot but compo writing not focus, and compre Ans skills not there and hence score low for this section (Ch & Eng). ds2 worse, don't read or read very simple books, like Geronimo, he is now p5, and will never read Ch books, even teacher gives the class a book every month for book review. I am busy with my work and not able to sit and read with him, often just 1 or 2 para and leave the rest to him.

Ds2 attended TLL but quit after we find they learn too little, though standard is high, we switch back to the home tutor, but she gives too much work and 2 hr a session a bit too long for ds2. Spoken to her a few times
before but not much improvement, and now ds dread to have her lesson.

Ds1 & 2 are both attending Ch classes in a popular Ch enrichment centre now. Ds1 finds it helpful cos his school tr (supposed to be for students with better ch results) doesn't teach and he missed his previous class tr. Ds2 finds it redundant as he said those are taught in sch and some are taught differently from sch and he feels confused. Also trs go through ws and comp writing with them, not letting them to try by themselves first, he likes what TLL did by letting them do he selves first then go thru the paper.

Can someone pls recommend some good tutor / centre that can teach both compo and compre skills?

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