O Level Paper 1 - Composition: Sci-Fi allowed?

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O Level Paper 1 - Composition: Sci-Fi allowed?

Postby Zero_Falcon » Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:48 am

I am now studying for my O-Level English.

With contemporary themes I can barely get any inspiration. I hate writing 'ordinary events'.

At the moment it seems no one is encouraged to write sci-fi/fantasy themes for their compositions in secondary school although the past O-Level Papers never said anything about PROHIBITING sci-fi/fantasy compositions in free writing.

Why are we discouraged from writing sci-fi/fantasy themes? I don't see any reason why we should be. In fact I think it is utterly illogical.

I can seriously do much better writing Sci-Fi compared to contemporary essays - or rather, I get better inspiration writing the former genre. Below is my final draft for what will soon be the 12th faction for the FPS/RTS/3D Space Combat Simulator known as FreeAllegiance (3D models and code still under development for the faction):

The Guardians are comprised mostly of civilian Apocalypse survivors of a single nation who managed to flee the planet in the few hours of warning. Using independently developed technology, the majority of the population managed to escape the conflagration. In the aftermath of the Apocalypse they banded together and reformed their nation under the lead of an emergency government, who kept law and order within the colony in the midst of war.

Diplomacy with the Bios, Rixians and other hostile factions would be futile - the Guardians had to resort to military power to defend themselves. Salvaging whatever resources they could, they constructed bases and built starfighters using their own unique and 'against-the-norm' specifications.

Out of necessity, civilians-turned-pilots volunteered and trained rigorously for space combat so as to defend themselves. Training them to the limits of their abilities became top priority and extensive trials were carried out in perfecting their lightweight starfighters to augment their remarkable talents. Others did what they could, helping to construct bases to shelter the nation and manufacturing the ships and equipment that would be used to deter their threats.

Being humble civilians, they mostly avoided conflict with the other factions - In these times of chaos, their only goal is to survive.

Later, when their resources would be depleted, their isolation from the rest of the world would end and they would rise to challenge their enemies for control of the highly sought Helium-3 asteroid fields.

(c) Zero_Falcon 2011, FAO (FreeAllegiance Organisation)

Hence I shall ask: Are Sci-Fi genres allowed?

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