Grammar Rules

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Grammar Rules

Postby adbie » Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:08 am


I'm looking for the authoritative guidebook on grammar for the PSLE standard, if it exists. Appreciate any help here.

Apparently, there are differing grammar rules. I've come across solutions in assessment books and past test papers that aren't consistent. It doesn't help when grammarians on the Internet don't always agree. They sometimes prefer to sit on the fence and say some grammar rules are flexible - this is not good because there's only 1 correct answer in an exam!


(1) Neither the girls nor their brother (likes / like) skating. <= some grammarians advocate applying the "proximity" rule, but some say that as long as there's a plural subject, we should use the plural form of the verb.

(2) He can't run as fast as (me / I). <= some grammarians say it's "me" while some say it's "I", while yet others say it should be "I can" (i.e. question is wrong!)

I've come to the conclusion that since there are different rules, it would be best if there's an authoritative book on grammar for the Singapore education system.

Is there such a book? Do top schools use any such book?

Many thanks!

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