How useful are advance phonics rules…advice please...

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How useful are advance phonics rules…advice please...

Postby sean wife » Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:03 pm

If a 4-year old child can read and comprehend well (say K2 standard), knows basic phonics but not the advance rules e.g. silent sounds, double vowel, diagraphs etc, spelling and writing wise still pretty elementary, is there a need to send for classes which covers all the advance phonics rules? To me, the advance rules are really quite technical in nature and there seems to be more exception than the rule when it comes to helping the child in spelling. They went through an assessment and could read those 2-3 syllabus kind of nonsensical words which can only be sounded by phonics techniques, but I doubt they can spell them out….The teachers who did the assessment feel that if they were put in a class which teaches reading and blending using those advance rules, they will be bored since they are already fluent with their reading, but at the same time, their spelling and writing skills cannot match up with the preparation for primary school class…in short, neither here nor there….
So now, in a dilemma whether they should join the course…how much will they benefit in terms of spelling by knowing all the advance phonics rules…??

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Re: How useful are advance phonics rules…advice please...

Postby piglet and calf » Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:30 pm

I am facing the same prob with my 3year old gal.
May I know where did u send yr child for assessment?
I bring my gal to ICR. I am thinking of whether to let her go for the class or not.

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