2014 Intensive Phonics / Eng Tuition for Pri 1 @ Woodlands

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2014 Intensive Phonics / Eng Tuition for Pri 1 @ Woodlands

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2014 Intensive Phonics / Eng Tuition for Pri 1 @ Woodlands

Postby Farah.Erianna » Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:35 pm

Hi All,

He is in primary 1 now.. he is on Morning session which end at 1.30/2.00pm.. after that he will continue to Student Care till 5.30pm

I am very worried for my son.

He is very weak in his English and when I said weak means he Doesnt even know how to read.

He knows his Phonics A to Z but he has problem with his blending.

A simple words like Fewer and More, it took him almost 2 hours plus to memorise it by heart.

I think I need help here.

Would any kind soul be able to guide me what should I do??

Is there any Intensive Phonics Lesson around Woodlands/Admiralty or Semvawang area on Weekday/Weekend @ Tuition Centre/Student Home.

Felt like crying while teaching him as I wonder Y is it so hard for him to rememver by heart... haizzz

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Re: 2014 Intensive Phonics / Eng Tuition for Pri 1 @ Woodlan

Postby heyhoe » Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:17 am

Hi Farah,

As a mother, I feel for you as my DS3 is not reading very well too. My suggestion is to bring your DS to phonic school such as "I Can Read" or "ICL" that have programme to guide your child. However, you still need to do a lot of revising work with your child. Best is daily, even half an hour will do.

I'm still working on my ds and we do half an hour daily of reading - "Blending" and "Breaking up words" for easy reading. This way, he enjoys the story and learn some new vocabs as well as the right way, to read with emphasise on pronounciation. Over the weekend, we do some grammar.

My Ds3 still have long way to go, but I hope he can catch up with his peers soon. All the best to your Ds too :)

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