Anyone interested in Mid-Brain Activation can ask here :)

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Anyone interested in Mid-Brain Activation can ask here :)

Postby Kainraz » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:58 am

Hi, recently my friend told me about this mid-brain activation program and show me video clips of his own nephew's performance after activation. I am very skeptical about it, is there a hole in the blind-fold, i am wondering? What if the kid is asked to memorised the words before the videos etc. So i attend one of the preview to see it with my own eyes.

The preview lasted about 40mins with the speaker explaining in details about this mid-brain activation and then children graduated from the 2 days lesson will be invited to perform, i was like wow. How can they see blindfolded!? Been a left-brain dormant and kiasu individual, i step forward after the performance to play with one of the kid :P

First i checked discreetly his blindfold to see if there's any lobang there, and even wearing it myself, ok total darkness here. Then I pass the blindfold to the boy and I took a plain paper and wrote a simple sum of 98 x 57 = to him, he said " uncle number so big ar? " and proceed to the nearest whiteboard and wrote down my question in a calculating formula 98 x 57, I was like " hey how u see what I wrote in the first place??"
The boy smiled brightly and said "dunno leh, can see it in my brain"
Pretty hard for me not to believe what i see with my own eyes..

After that, parents of activated children was invited to step on stage to give testimonals of what benefits their children is starting to show after the activation, lesser time spend on learning spelling, better emotional controls, improves in grades etc, I am totally convinced that this is a must have program that all kids must attend!

So if you are keen to know more about it, let me know :)

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