DNA Test For Talent Reveals Surprises

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DNA Test For Talent Reveals Surprises

Postby ty-tan » Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:53 pm



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[Excerpt extracted from www.youngparents.com.sg]
DNA Test For Talent Reveals Surprises

Three parents were surprised by the results of a new DNA test that highlights a child's hidden gifts.

The procedure was easy, and over in five minutes. All the kids had to do was to open their mouths and allow a friendly staffer to take a swab from inside their cheeks to obtain sufficient DNA.

What’s difficult – for their anxious parents – is the month-long wait for the results. What are his strengths and weaknesses? How can I provide him the best education? Is he naturally talented at music?

But shouldn’t you know your child inside out, our friends asked. Apparently we don’t, because the results turned out to be quite surprising. Here’s what we found out:

The child: Kiran, seven
What dad S. Raj says:

“My first reaction was: ‘Are you sure this is my child?’ Kiran scored very high in intelligence and creativity, but I always thought he was just average. He’s a happy-go-lucky child who is content to live in the shadow of his older sister, who is more outspoken, more creative and a natural leader.

“While he likes singing to pop songs, he’s never expressed an interest in music lessons. So I was surprised that he has a good sense of rhythm and is supposedly good at learning different instruments. I wish we had known this earlier and started him on music lessons.

“He’s also a bit uncoordinated (which affects his reading and writing) and easily distracted, so we lowered our expectations when he started Primary 1. While we expected our daughter to score at least Band 1 in all subjects, we only hoped he would pass.

“The DNA test has made us see that maybe we gave up on him too fast. It’s been a real eye-opener and we are thinking of how to motivate him to do better in school and life.”

The child: Nicole, two
What mum Elisa says:

“Since we received the results, my husband and I had many interesting discussions about our girl. Isn’t she supposed to be talented in arts? (She’s always doodling!) Well, it’s not in her DNA.

“Didn’t she learn to walk only after 15 months old? (A friend’s kid of the same age was already running around.) Yet, the results showed she has a natural flair for sports, with high endurance gene.

“The test really set us thinking. We’ve probably not seen the sporty side of Nicole because we were always telling her: ‘No running around the house! No jumping on the bed!’

“Thanks to the DNA results, we’ve made a new New Year resolution: to spend more time with her in the outdoors than at the malls. Who knows? She might be the star to look out for at the South-east Asia Games 15 years later.

The child: Zhe Wen, eight
What mum Karen says:

“I find the test findings somewhat accurate. He is indeed creative and loves to build and dismantle. He also has good memory, as confirmed by the test.

“What surprised me was that it didn’t show up in his DNA that he has a flair in maths. I always thought that he is quick at understanding concepts, which even the elder sister has difficulty understanding.

“On the other hand, it showed he has natural gifts in music and arts. Now that’s something I totally didn’t expect, and it gives me plenty to think about what he should pursue.”


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Postby sydney » Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:46 pm

Not a very good idea. The moral concept is wrong.

We should not tag the children and pre-determine his future path/destiny based on some test which may not even be accurate.

Accuracy of this test on your own child can only known several years later. If accurate, good, If not, we are doing a great wrong for our own children which cannot be reversed.

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Postby cimman » Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:27 am

who's to say the test was accurate ? anyone can come back and give a set of results but how can the results be verified for accuracy?
stay away from anything where you can't verify the results.

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Postby cannotsleep » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:41 pm

first of all, can DNA provide such info?
Even if so, how would we even know its a true DNA report? Anyone can come out with a well written professionally drafted report using a DNA report template downloaded from the WWW and claim its a DNA report.

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