Cognitive Training

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Cognitive Training

Postby tppsue » Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:35 am

Dear Parents,

I'm trying to form a cognitive training class for my P4 boy because he seems to have problems spelling and comprehend his work which drag his results down. He has been going for tuition and enrichment classes but everything seems to be not working. Thus, I've been researching and asking people around what's the best way to help through forums and friends. Many people told me to improve my boy's cognitive skills (which I think he is lacking as well). This will help him in his work. I found a cognitive trainer but she needs to have 6 students in her class before she would come over to the East (Tampines/Simei). Let me know if any parents (those staying in the East) who is keen to try this program out. It is a 6 months course and apparently there are a lot of good testimonials from a lot of parents. Below are some writeouts if anyone is keen to find out more:

"Scientific research has shown that cognitive skills are a crucial factor in determining children’s learning ability. Many children find schoolwork difficult and become frustrated as they do not have strong cognitive skills to process information properly. Cognitive skills are the mental skills such as pattern recognition, concentration, perception, memory, language, problem-solving and decision making that needed for acquiring knowledge. Educational therapists contend that an analysis of fundamental cognitive skills is the first step in acquiring solution as they are the foundational tools a child uses to learn. If the child has poor cognitive skills, he will not be able to grasp and process the knowledge in academic environment fast. Tutoring can work if the child has fallen behind in his academic subjects, however, the tutor does not necessarily teach strategies for learning or enhance children’s learning abilities. When learning abilities are neglected, conventional methods such tuition and enrichment programs often do not improve the children’s performance in school."


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Re: Cognitive Training

Postby joannelim1975 » Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:13 pm

hey my kid's tutor also does some of these training during his normal academic tuition. I observe that my boy enjoys the learning process and hence, absorbs better... she does 1 to 1 or in small groups too =)

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