Shichida Junior Programme

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Shichida Junior Programme

Postby teecosta » Mon May 05, 2014 8:32 pm

Dear Mummies,

I wanted to check if any of the mummies have their kids in the Junior Programme of Shichida ie, ages 7 years plus. My son has been there since 1.5 years and he will be 6 years this coming Dec...and it has been beneficial. However, Im wondering whether the main programme stays relevant in the latter years (7 yrs and above) given that the main theory was that the brain develops rapidly till 6 years old, and that the programme was initially designed for the 1-6 years age group. Would love to hear your thoughts...Also the JP programme is being shifted to another center, which is inconvenient to travel to...hence the introspection.

Thank you mummies for your thoughts

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