CMA at woodlands civic centre and nearby areas

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CMA at woodlands civic centre and nearby areas

Postby jbren » Tue Apr 19, 2016 9:14 pm

Looking for abacus and brain training course for my DD.
Happen to find out with CMA at woodlands civic centre and found 10 lesson are cost sgd247.
Is anyone has enroll their kid with this centre and can share their experience?
If taking up the lesson twice per week it mean ur kid may attending the class from diff teacher, is this usual for anyone of u when u send ur kid to CMA at other area? Just wonder how the teacher can recognize the learning progress of ur kid since they attending diff class and teaching by diff teacher :scared: ?

Other than CMA at civic centre is anyone from woodlands area can share their experience to send their kid to nearby CC for abacus learning?


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