Advise Needed for PayPal (PP)

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Advise Needed for PayPal (PP)

Postby fo12eal » Fri Jun 12, 2009 6:25 pm


I need advise on setting up an account on PP.

Few weeks ago, I tried to order something from a US online website via Vpost but my order was rejected. Reason being my credit card address (singapore address) doesn't match with the billing address (vpost usa address) so there is basically no way where I could purchase things from them. This is the 1st website that I encounter this problem. So far, other website is not so "strict"

Or should I simply put my residential address as the billing address? Would that help?

This website accepts PP. My question is
1. Can I set up a PP account using USA as my region and then key in a USA address using the VPOST usa ADDRESS -- 8548NE Alderwood Road etc? Is that adviseable?

2. Will this online merchant still know that my credit card is still from Singapore? They need to make sure both address tally which in this case it isn't that's why I am thinking of using PP as an alternative.

My friend suggested Singapore address just in case there is any dispute, I can always go down to Keong Siak Street.

The last alternative will be getting a friend in US to buy on my behalf but I like to try other ways first.

For those who has a PP account, what's your advise on this.

Many thanks.

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Postby smurf » Sat Jun 13, 2009 7:15 am

I don't think you can use VPOST USA address, if you are using Paypal, you don't even need USA address. just sign up for an account using your current own address, because Paypal is just a payment tool. You can put some $ inside in advance, dun even need to wait for credit card payment. The merchant will not know your Paypal's credit card info. Dun think Paypal will reveal info to them unnecessarily.haha.

Ya,some USA website dun accept overseas credit cards because they are afraid of frauds,etc.

If you do not want to sign up for Paypal account, you can use VPOST or Comgateway concierge service, but they do charge some fee for it. Best way is to sign up for Paypal, remember you need NOT use an USA address.


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Re: Advise Needed for PayPal (PP)

Postby mathsparks » Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:28 pm

fo12eal wrote:My friend suggested Singapore address just in case there is any dispute, I can always go down to Keong Siak Street.

pardon my ignorance. what is go down to ks street? :?

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