Creative Woof - Bluetooth wireless speaker

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Creative Woof - Bluetooth wireless speaker

Postby Bungii » Wed Mar 05, 2014 10:21 am

Just got Creative Woof, at the recent IT show, it comes along with the Sound Blaster Roar, pre-ordered (the Woof was an incentive to pre-order).

This palm sized little speaker is a wireless bluetooth device, not very light, at around 255g. However, the sound quality is much better than all the other micro-speakers that I have used or owned.

I needed a micro-speaker for convenience. My child is in a CMA class, and has been having to repeat the same audio CD for aural mental for weeks. So I mp3 the CD and loaded it into portable devices and played back whenever we have time to do it. Whoever has done the CDs knows that when volume is turned up, our ears hurt due to the bad recording. However, this speaker is able to mellow it and yet, not sacrificing on the volume!

I am very please with the speaker, so I tried the line-in from my PC's speaker to the Woof. Similarly, it is able to filter out the unpleasant noises from music recordings I downloaded from Youtube. However, the speaker seemed to have capped the maximum volume. It didn't go much louder after I increased the volume of the external speaker, still it is audible.

You can even use it to do teleconference since it has a built it mic, but I haven't get to this yet. Can't wait for Roar to arrive now. :dancing:

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