M1 Broadbrand

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M1 Broadbrand

Postby zbear » Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:10 am

Am planning to change from Starhub to M1 for fiber broadband.

I would like to get feedback from M1 users -

Is M1 reliable in service
Is their network stable?
Are you happy being a M1 subscriber?
Is the rate cheaper than Starhub and Singtel?


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Re: M1 Broadbrand

Postby lego » Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:32 pm

We changed to M1 fibre broadband somewhere last year. Had been loyal singtel customers all the years but the price we were paying for the 200mbps fibre broadband was more than what M1 offers for 1gbps fibre broadband, so we decided to jump ship.

The only problem we faced was the activation of the fibre broadband service. Took more than a month for the contractor (netlink trust) to get port 2 activated. Port 1 was being used by Singtel at that time as our broadband contract with Singtel was expiring soon (1-2 wks time i think) but not expired yet.

We signed up for the 1gbps fibre broadband at $39 per month. So far no complaints about the service, more than enough to meet our needs. No online gamers at home, we use it mainly for surfing and streaming/downloading videos, works fine when multiple devices are connected to the same network.

Other than the installation problem, we didn't have to contact M1 customer service, so can't say much about them.

Personally think that there don't seems to be much significant differences in the fibre broadband services between one telco and another after this experience. We probably won't be loyal customers to any telco, will just give the biz to whichever that can give us a good rate for a reasonable service. :wink:

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Re: M1 Broadbrand

Postby hquek » Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:48 pm

Have been using M1 fibre broadband for the past few years (maybe 3?). They gave us free local number, an a free data card (1G) - mine is also the 1G plan at $39. So my local landline calls are free, Ds1 gets that free datacard (calls are chargeable but he knows to limit calls made using that phone and use it only for data). Landline is heavily used by DH for his conference calls.

No issues with network. Price was great - we signed up at some IT fair (for the extra freebies if any) and usually try to aim for yet another IT fair when we have to renew. So far still happy with the pricing and all.

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