Net neutrality discussion

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Net neutrality discussion

Postby mariad » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:46 pm

The vote to repeal net neutrality has just gone through the FCC, didn't see a thread for this, so I made this one. Feel free to state your opinions/arguments on the matter.

My opinion? I don't really care. Once the ISPs realize they will be getting more customers from other ISPs by keeping the same ruleset they had before, the ones who try to use this to their advantage will actually be making less money because customers will move to the ISPs offering the same services as before, for the same price.

That being said, why put the rules into effect in the first place if everyone will end up giving the same services as previously and quickly run out of business if they try to use non-net neutrality to their advantage?

I also think people are largely overreacting to this situation, I'm not really for or against it, I just don't see the reasoning behind this given the above is almost guaranteed to happen.

Now the American ISP has the controller to control the internet instead of a geuine consumer. So if you want to access the neutral internet in US so you need to shift your IP location to other country's IP address through a VPN provider. What I believe in this current scenario VPNs can help bypass throttling imposed by ISPs, get one right now before they get banned too and you lose your chance to explore the internet freely

Moreover, If you don't have any choice to change your ISP then I found this guide to bypass the unwanted throttling of internet and access any site without letting your ISP know

Open to feedback, though, see if you guys can change my opinion on the matter.

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Re: Net neutrality discussion

Postby Sallyting74 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:27 am

Same, really can't be bothered, see so many youngsters jumping on the bandwagon opposing it without even understanding what it is, sigh.

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