April 2019: Overseas Family Holidays

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Re: April 2019: Overseas Family Holidays

Post by Pockypig » Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:10 pm

As I have a big family with elderly and kids, I need to plan a trip that can cater for all ages. I am glad that I had planned a great trip to Malaysia Legoland last year. My husband was so nice that he is willing to drive us to Malaysia as my mum needs to sit on wheelchair. With car around, it is more convenient.
My both kids enjoy a lot as we planned a night stay in Legoland so that they are enjoyed in legoland theme park and sea park. While my mum can eat and shop around in legoland. She also can rest in hotel when she is tired.
After that we moved to stay is KSL apartment, where my kids had a great fun in KSL playground pool and playing the catching dolls machine. While my mum can shop in the KSL Mall. We also buy a lot of things there as it is cheaper than Singapore.
When it reaches the last day of our trip, my kids were not willing to go back Singapore. I hope I can win the trip to Batam as I believe it is also a great place to visit with my mum and kids. I believe they will have a great time too.
Thank you and have a great week ahead.

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Re: April 2019: Overseas Family Holidays

Post by yakseng » Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:38 pm

The best overseas trip is our 5 day 4 night trip to Taiwan in December 2015. Our family of four enjoyed the vacation to Taiwan tremendously. My itinerary focus on New Taipei City's attractions and sceneries. Romance blooms in the air. Our heartbeats join together with the waves as a entity. A gust of wind blows gently across Jiufen streets in the midsummer night. Tian Deng flies high and higher in the sky, signalling eternal hope and prosperity. New Taipei City's magical enchantment is casted over us. She enables us to experience beautiful fireworks in our lives.

Day 1

9am From Tao Yuan Airport, take bus to New Taipei City. Check in to the accommodation.

10.30am Set off to Dan Shui.

11 pm Feast on a myriad of food at Dan Shui Lao Jie. The famous AhGe, prawn wrap, fish crackers, tie dan awaits you.

12pm Set off to Long Shan Si Temple. Dan Shui Long Shan Si Temple has over 150 years of history. It consists of labels and rock symbols and various historical monuments. It is very precious and time seems to stood still. It is also mysterious.

1pm Set off to Xiao Bai Gong. It is a historical monuments for the shipping authority. In 1862, Xiao Bai Gong is developed into residential area for foreigners. Every door window has a wooden
window. The lightings are good and wind blows easily. The scenery is great.

2pm Set off to Hong Mao Chen. The building is made from red bricks and has been through the hands of Spain, Holland, Japan, UK and America. Therefore, it is a rare monument consisting of many identities.

3pm Set off to Yu Ren Ma Tou. There is the famous Qing Ren Qiao bridge. One can admires the beautiful night scenery as well as rest over night. Many couples date over here. The magical evening awaits couples and families. It is magical to witness the sun dipping into the ocean line and various clouds formations in the sky.

5pm Set off for early dinner at He Pan Jing Guan Can Ting Restaurant. It is located opposite Hong Mao Chen. One's senses is engaged. Please order food and admire the boat as it travels across the ocean to Ba Li Zuo An.

6pm Admire Dan Shui Xi Zhao, sunset, one of Taiwan's eight sceneries. Golden light rays falls and lands on the ocean bed. It is striking and forms a magical sight.

Children can learn history of Hong Mao Chen. They will also enjoy playing in Yu Ren Ma Tou. Families will enjoy admiring the sunset together at Dan Shui.

Day 2

10am Set off to Ping Xi.

12pm Set off to Shi Fen. Shi Fen Town enables one to feel shi fen happiness, meaning very happy. Many mvs are taken over here. Tourists can mail a postcard to themselves.

1pm Set off to Shi Fen Waterfalls. Even though it isn't as magnificent as Nicaragua waterfalls, the volume is great and intensify is high. Especially during rainy season, the volume is great and unstoppable. It is good for tourist to experience the euphoria and breath in the fresh air with gusto.

3pm Ping Xi is a word of replacement for Tian Deng. Many people came to Ping Xi to release Tian Deng. Tian Deng are colourful and strikingly beautiful. It rises high into the sky, carrying people's wishes and hopes. It is a symbolism of health and prosperity.

5pm Many shops sell traditional food and beverages. It is rusticated and people live in peace. There is a loud sound whenever the train passed by. The famous advertisement Zhang Jun Ya Xiao Mei Mei is filmed on the streets of Ping Xi Old Streets.

6.30pm Set off to accommodations.

Children will have fun releasing Tian Deng at Ping Xi. They also enjoy munching on local delights.

Day 3

10am Set off to Jiu Fen Lao Jie.

12pm Jiu Fen is rustic and has an olden feel and touch to it. Walking along the streets of Jiu Fen,one admires the various specialty shops and feast on a myriad of food. Shen Ping Theatre is not to be missed. Once you enter, one feels the time lack and step back into time. No matter how many times one enter, one is filled with eternal surprises. Jiu Fen's Yu Yuan Taro balls, cao zai guo,Hong zao Rou Yuan and Fish Balls keep one thinking of the food. Yum! Yummy!

1pm Jiu Fen Artistic Street has a new method for tourists to play. Tourists can listen to stories of shop vendor's, regardless of medical clinic shop keeper' tales, tea owners' tales or mine worker's tales. One is brought back into Jiu Fen magical world one step at a time.

3pm Set off to Golden waterfalls. Due to mine and bacteria, the Golden waterfall surfaces golden textures and color. The magificent falling waterfalls are a result of differences in ground level. Therefore, the water is even more granduois. Many marriages photos are taken over here.

5pm Set off to Jin Gua Shi Golden Mine Area. One can experience deep minery and have a first hand experience of mining gold. There is a 220kg gold statue! Besides gold minery exhibition , there is a four walls monument in which大S and 小猪filmed <转角遇到爱> . One may experience true love over here..

6.30pm Set off to accommodations.

Children will enjoy being close to nature, such as Golden waterfalls. Families also enjoy learning about Jin Gua Shi Golden Mine Area.

Day 4

10am Set off to Ping Lin. 坪林

12pm Ping Lin is a step back into nature and return to simple farming heydays.纯朴农村生活 Breathing in fresh air and wandering around the 包种茶tea field is a great experience of nature. The rich field together with moist air forms the gigantic tea field in Taipei . There are many tea fields for one to 找茶seek tea and experience the aroma.

1pm Set off to 观音台 Guan Yin Tai.Guan Yin Tai is located in the 坪林国中的后山。 It is a former Japanese Occupation site. Guan Yin Tai is a local symbol of Ping Lin. It is also the highest bronze symbol of Guan Yin xiang. One can also see北宜公路和雪山隧道

3pm Set off to Pin Lin Lao Jie. There are many shops with close to 50 years of history. It is quiet sometimes. Tourists can step back into time over here.

5pm Set off to 观鱼步道 Guan Yu Bu Dao。Tourist can discover苦花 in the meandering stream. However, please refrain from playing with water and fishing.

6pm Set off to accommodation.

Children will learn tea planting and have fun drinking tea. It is a great opportunity for children to grow closer to nature.

Day 5

10am Set off to乌来 Wu Lai.

12pm Witnessing cherry blossom is a sight of spring. There are 15,000 cherry blossom trees in Wu Lai. After Chinese New Year, the slender cherry slowly seek cover and bring news of spring. The earliest flower to blossom is绯红樱 followed by吉野樱 and 八重樱。请一亲樱花芳泽。

1pm Set off to 乌来缆车。Wu Lai Cable Car 云仙乐园 Yun Xian Park. One can see Nan Shi Waterfall and Wu Lai Waterfall on the trip in the cable car. Wu Lai is a dating site in the olden days and has a significant impact to elderly. One can see the fresh air and experience the moisture in the ground at Yun Xian Park. There are lakes and forest in Yun Xian Park. Wearing a pair of good shoes is important in order to relax and be engulfed by 芬多精和负离子。

3pm Set off to 乌来温泉Wu Lai Spa. Wu Lai is said to be founded by Tai Ya Indigenous people. Wu Lai in Tai Ya Indigenous people's language has the meaning of Spa. This is good for skin nourishing.

5pm Set off to Wu Lai Old Streets. Tourists can enjoy eating roasted pork, spa eggs and zhu tong fan. These are local indigenous food which is good for the health.

6.30pm Set off to accommodation.

Children can know more on nature and have fun seeing Nan Shi Waterfall and Wu Lai Waterfall.

Taiwan is definitely a child-friendly place for families to visit. I feel that traveling is a way of enjoying life. A happy family goes on holiday to strengthen the bonds and family ties. Traveling as a family enables each member to know the habits of one another, thus strengthening bonds. I hope to have a chance to travel to Ranoh Island with my family! Thank you so much!

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Re: April 2019: Overseas Family Holidays

Post by qms » Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:38 pm

My family visited London last year. What started out as a mere holiday ended up as a memorable one to the kids, of which the following particularly stood out.

As avid fans of Harry Potter, my children saw the Lambeth Bridge (in which the bus had to squeeze through two double decker buses in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban), visited Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament (which Harry Potter and his friends flew by in Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix), walked along the Millennium Bridge (which the Death Eaters destroyed in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) and made detours just to look at the supposedly iconic Platform 93⁄4 at King’s Cross Station, among others. The trips to those filming locations left such a deep impression in the kids that the movie marathon for all the eight Harry Potter movies now hold a different meaning to them (“Look, we went there before!”, “So, this was the place”, “Ah! The place looks so different in real life”, etc.).

No visit to London would be complete without trips to museums. We visited the Natural History Museum where a life-sized dinosaur (complete with sound effects) greeted the guests. The kids got to experience how earthquake was like through the Kobe Earthquake simulator. They were able to better understand what their teachers taught them about volcanoes through models and exhibits in the museum. We also visited the British museum and the phenomenal exhibits were really an eye opener for every one of us. The free guided tours by volunteers provided us with lots of insights into the history behind the artefacts. Takeaway from trips to the museums? My children binge watched the Night at the Museum movies on their flights back to Singapore, movies which they previously shunned. They enjoyed the movies very much!

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