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Tricia Lee
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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by Tricia Lee » Tue Oct 13, 2015 4:12 pm

Hi mummies , can anyone recommend a reliable and good Chinese tutor for my P5 ( 2016 ) girl.

location is at Tampines near Central. :)

Please PM me.

:salute: :smile:
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Chinese Tuition, PSLE, effective and improve rapidly!

Post by harimau2 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 8:02 pm

Dear parents:
Chinese language score Image is not good? Don’t worry! Here is the good news!

My tuition students have improved a lot in recent SA1! One of my student improved from 72% in Paper 2 P3 SA2 to 87% Paper 2 P4 SA1. Most importantly, she has become super confident about Chinese while no confidence at all before! BTW, her father is a non-Chinese. I have taught her for only 3 months. Her mother asked me if she could get 80% in SA1 at beginning.

Recently my P1 tuition student got 100 in 3 exams for Hanyupinyin after 6 times of tuition, i.e. 9 hours! He scored 0 when I first taught him. His parents also got letter from his school teacher to thank them for their support. Hahaha, their parents don't know Pinyin at all!

Oral exam and composition is more and more important in PSLE. They take up 45% of total marks! If your child master these two, they will sure get good scores. Due to the big school class size, there is little chance for your child to get individual guidance. Here, focus guidance and practice will help your child improve these two parts greatly and rapidly.

About the teacher:
Primary school Chinese teacher, 6 years teaching, have plenty of experience teaching various levels. Familiar with exam formats, contents and marking criteria. Have lots of resources.
Bachelor and Master Degree from Peking University (Beida), the best university in China
Postgraduate diploma in education (major in Chinese language) from NIE.
Bilingual, caring, patient and commitment.
Will provide detailed notes every time, including what we learn, methods, skills, tips, area for improvement, homework etc. It is very useful for parents to know the situation of kids and follow up.

Individual or small group class Chinese tuition from K2 to P6. Hanyupinyin, reading comprehension, oral, composition etc. Chinese language tuition for adults is available too.

Lessons are conducted at teacher's home opposite Choa Chu Kang Mrt, LRT, and bus interchange. There are Lot 1 shopping mall, library, foodcourts and a large park with many facilities for kids.

Hurry, limited seats! sms NOW! 96318756.

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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by Nihauma » Wed Nov 04, 2015 9:22 pm

Looking for chinese tution teacher for p4. Preferably strict and fierce. I am at at taman jurong. Please pm me...

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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by msmui.tuition » Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:52 am

Dear Parents,

I'm an ex-Primary School teacher with 7 years of teaching experience in the Chinese Language. I left School June 2015 and is now currently teaching full-time Chinese Tuition for Primary 1 to Secondary 2 Students.

During my tenure at Primary School. I was given the opportunity to teach the academically weakest cohort of Primary 6 Standard Chinese classes every year as I'm always able to push up their grades and achieve 100% passes and 94.5% As on average for their PSLE. As a full-time MOE teacher, I had adequate experiences in teaching Primary 1 to 5 including Higher Chinese as well.

Average Primary 5 Standard Chinese Grades (Before I took over the class)
  • A* [abv 91] - 0%
    A [75 - 90] - 0%
    B [60 - 74] - 28.5% **Almost 100% in low-B range (60-65)
    C [50 - 59] - 62.0%
    D [35 - 49] - 8.5%
    E/U [0 - 34] - 0%
Average Primary 6 PSLE Standard Chinese Grades
  • A* [Abv 91] - 0.75%
    A [75 - 90] - 94.5%
    B [60 - 74] - 4.0%
    C [50 - 59] - 0.75%
    D [35 - 49] - 0%
    E/U [0 - 34] - 0%
    ***The above tables shows how I were able to bring the weaker cohort of classes (0% As, 62% Cs) into scoring an average of (94.5% As, 0.75%Cs) for PSLE during my time teaching in Primary School.
Currently, as full-time Chinese tutor, I have 20 students under my care, with a few of them from Nanyang Pri, Raffles Girls, St Nicholas Girls. Previously I've taught students from many schools including Rosyth, Ai Tong, Rulang and Singapore Chinese Girls School and they have all produced consistently good results.

I'm very familiar with the current school syllabus and PSLE exam format. Most common problems students face are with Comprehension and Composition Writing but under my guidance, they will start to be able to analyse, reply and write from a teacher's marking perspective and thus easily score.

My style of teaching is result-driven yet engaging and humorous. I build up good rapport with my students while imparting them the knowledge of acing their exams. I take immense pride and joy in teaching and I'd like you to entrust your child to me.

If you think I'm the suitable teacher for your child or if you just need some advice on PSLE Chinese, please call me (or text me if I'm unable to pick up your call during my lessons) at

Ms Mui, 魏老师 @ 8723 1105

and let's work out something for your child with you.

Do check out my thread below for more info and student/parent testimonials ... 85&t=84340

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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by yesedutainment » Mon Nov 09, 2015 10:36 am


✔ Are you vexed that your child is not interested in learning Chinese?
✔ Is your child refusing to speak Mandarin?
✔ Are your child's Chinese grades in school dropping?

In this FREE 2-hour workshop, Dr. John Wong 王德远博士 will share his insights on useful methods for parents to help your child build up their confidence in presentations and mandarin speaking skills.

Sign Up TODAY! -->
Limited spaces available


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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by doobom » Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:52 pm

luciana8848 wrote:
neko_125 wrote:Any good chinese tutor to recommend for my p5 girl? Prefer 1 to 1 at my place at west coast
my friend's son got A for Chinese in PSLE in 2014. if you are interested,I can ask my friend about the teacher if she is convenient or not.
Hi I am looking for a Chinese tutor for my P3 boy. I stay in West Coast area. Have PM you.

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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by ChadMum » Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:46 am

I am looking for an engaging private Chinese MALE tutor for my P5 (2016) son. can PM me?

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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by snowcloud » Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:06 pm

Hi parents,

I am looking for a P6 tutee for the new academic year. However due to timing and location constraint, he/she must:

1) stay in bishan area
2) can make it on wed 6 pm
3) can travel to the centre (bishan st 24) where I teach for lesson instead but it is for individual lesson instead of group lesson.

should parents keen in our upper pri small group Chinese lesson, feel free to contact me 81009967 for more details. Thanks!

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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by 熊老师工作室 » Sat Dec 05, 2015 3:30 am

Congrats to our Year 2015 students for their achievements in Chinese in their PSLE this year!!! :rahrah:

This year, we have 6 students taking their PSLE Chinese and their results are as follows:

1. Wellington Primary (Eurasian student) C------> A
2. Wellington Primary C------>A
3. Canberra Primary C------> A
4. Canberra Primary D------> B
5. Sembawang Primary (non-Chinese) C------> A
6. Woodlands Primary D------> A


Let us do a brief introduction about ourselves:

My husband and I are both ex-Chinese Mother Tongue teachers with 8 years of local school teaching experience. These few years, we have been full time tutors teaching all levels (P1 to Sec 4) with proven results track records. * This year our individual lesson Sec 4 boy had scored an A for his Chinese O levels paper and a distinction for Oral & LC in June 2015.

We are familiar with the MOE school syllabus & PSLE Oral and Chinese paper marking scheme. We also have many years of teaching experience in PSLE classes during our teaching days in schools. Apart from this, we also have the experience in giving national PSLE Oral examinations and marking of PSLE exam papers.

Being effectively billingual, we are able to cater to your child's needs irregardless of their Chinese background. We provide quality group or individual home tuition at our home in Sembawang area.

P.s. If you think that your child "hates" Chinese and is simply unable to cope with the Chinese subject, then send him or her to us and you will be able to see the transformation of your child in due course. (We have proven -*/result slips and students' testimonials to support our statement.)

Seeing is believing!!!

Currently, most of our classes are full and we are left with limited slots as follows:

1) Compo & Compre Classes 2016 (P5/P6) (Fri- 1 slot left, Sat- 1 slot left)
2) Sec 1 group 2016 (Fri- 1 slot left)
3) Sec 2 group 2016 (Sat- 1 slot left)
4) Sec 4 group 2016 (Sat- 3 slots left)

* We will be specially setting up a new P6 small group class on every Monday night (730-9pm) for students taking the PSLE next year in 2016 as we have no more slots for individual lessons but we hope to help more new students to achieve better grades for their Chinese PSLE next year.

For further enquries on the above classes, you can contact Teacher Lynn at 81469836.



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Re: All About Chinese Tuition

Post by LEADERS TUITION » Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:39 pm

Urgent Chinese teacher needed!
Code: LT1007C
Subject: Sec 3 Chinese (2016)
School: Victoria School
Area: Bedok Ria Crescent (near Tanah Merah MRT)
Frequency: 1 x 2 hrs per week
Timing: Sunday 10am
Rate: please quote
Tutor requirements: Current/Ex-teacher preferred. Singaporean only.

If keen, please WHATSAPP in the following format to 96225265 (LEADERS TUITION)
Code: LT1007C
Full name:
Highest qualification, pls state grades:
Yrs of exp.:
Current occupation:
Tutoring exp. on all levels & subjects:
Grades & Sch of current/ex students:
Teaching style:

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