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与0-3岁幼儿互动技巧家长培训课程 Parents’ Mandarin Workshop: Interacting with Young Children Aged up to 3 Years

1.The Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL), SEED Institute and Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) will be launching a new course for parents to equip them with skills in interacting with young children aged up to three years old. This follows the successful launch of the course for Infant Care Teachers and in-service educarers in February 2017.

2. Recognising the important role that parents play in their young children’s learning and development for languages, this course aims to impart skills to parents to engage their young children in Chinese through daily interactions. Parents can also gain useful tips on the selection of age-appropriate picture books and the use of finger puppet songs to stimulate their children’s learning. After learning such skills, parents should be able to engage their children in meaningful verbal interaction, which will in turn strengthen their children’s language abilities and foundation.

3. CPCLL will be funding a set of three Chinese language books - 《洗头》(Hair Washing),《夜晚》(Good Night) and 《小毛虫系列——三轮车》(The Little Caterpillar Series – Three-Wheeled Cart) for each course participant. The books will be used to demonstrate strategies in engaging children, based on experiences in the participants’ daily lives.

4. The course will be conducted from May till November 2018. For more information on the course, please visit, or

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