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创意漫画作文计划:让学生对华文写作更有兴趣 More Fun in Chinese Writing through Creative Comic Essay Writing Programme

1.In recognition of the difficulties faced by students in writing Chinese essays, the Committee to Promote Chinese Language and Learning (CPCLL) has introduced a compilation of comics, which would guide students in their tasks through a set of critical thinking questions. While CPCLL had used comics to teach Chinese writing during the Chinese Comic Writing Programme in 2015, the focus then was on the writing of dialogues, and not essays.

2. Today, the new version of the Chinese Comic Writing Programme, now renamed as the Creative Comic Essay Writing Programme, is launched by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of Education Ms Low Yen Ling. While the intent to leverage the fun nature of comics still remains, the refreshed Programme is set to make Chinese writing lessons more engaging and thought-stimulating for students. It now features:

  1. A programme delivered by instructors trained by CPCLL in educational pedagogies. The Programme will focus on helping students think from different perspectives, so as to improve their essay writing skills.
  2. A new set of learning materials, which comprises:
    1. A compilation of creative works by local cartoonist and Head of Department of Special Programme (Chinese Culture) of Tao Nan School, Mr Ang Thiam Poh. The creative work is available in two versions – the elementary and the regular version. Participating schools can select either version to be used for their implementation based on the ability of their students.
    2. A set of critical thinking questions to guide students in reading comics and writing compositions, which was developed by Leader of the CPCLL Writing Group, Dr Chua Chee Lay. This is the first time since 2015 that such questions are introduced as part of the Programme’s teaching resources.

3. Primary and secondary schools in Singapore can sign up with CPCLL to offer this optional enrichment Programme to their Primary 3 to Secondary 2 students who require more support in Chinese writing. 25 schools are expected to sign up this year, benefiting a total of 500 primary and secondary students.

4. The small-group lessons – totaling 8 hours over 4 sessions - are free-of-charge. Participating students will be required to purchase their learning materials at a discounted price of $10.<

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