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I think you should consult your teacher again for this question and explain the following.

(3) is a DEFINITE ANSWER that it is incorrect because photosynthesis(green plants)  is a life process(keeping itself alive) and it requires sunlight which is a form of energy.    So DO NOT NEED ENERGY is definitely INCORRECT.

(4) is debatable so it is NOT A GOOD ANSWER because there are different descriptions of plants’ movements that make the answer ambiguous.  Some describe plants as non-motile while others describe that plants can move but it is limited movement, definitely not freely from place to place.

(a) Plants are known to move because they move and grow towards the light source.  However, this movement is fairly restricted as their roots are firmly rooted inside the soil.   The degree of movement is really limited to upward movement.

(b) The key word in the sentence is “move freely from place to place on  their own’… so strictly speaking even if plants can move, it can hardly move freely from place to place.  For example, you can have a cat move from Orchard to Marina Bay on its fours limbs but a plant can never do that.  Hence,  “they do not move freely from place to place on their own” is a CORRECT statement.


PS: I have edited to add in the word “green plants” which suggests photosynthesis would take place.

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Whee…thank you 🙏god bless you.

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