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We came across this question on the P5/6 Science Olympiad published by Fairfield Book Publishers.

Anyone has any idea what could be the answer and explanation?

A circuit consists of two identical resistors connected in parallel and out inside a black box with two wires coming out of the black box. When a battery of 12 volts is connected to the two terminals,  a current of 6 amperes flows through the wires. Which statement is the least accurate?

A. Each resistor has equal resistance and the resistance of each resistor must greater than 4 ohms.

B. The resistor closer to the battery dissipates more energy over time as compared to the farther one.

C. The equal current just pass through both resistors as the resistors are identical.

D. The voltage across each resistor is identical to the electromotive force of the battery.

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It is late so I will use ChatGPT4 to answer this one.
Its long answer is below. I summarized it here:

- A is not quite true. Supposed to be 4 ohms exactly, not > 4 ohms.
- B is totally false - battery position has no effect.
- C is true because they are identical resistors.
- D is true by definition of electromotive force.

So B is LEAST accurate in comparison.

Explanation from GPT4 below. As far as I can see, its explanation is correct.
Note: Even though it is really smart, we still need to read and fact-check.

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What?!  How can this question be a P5/6 question?  I think I only started learning resistors in Secondary 3.

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Primary Science olympiad typically has questions from secondary school level. I think this question is erroneous. It should be ” Which is the most correct answer?”. Answer: C


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