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I’m unsure if my answer to this transformation question is correct:

Question-  Ted asked Mr Wong, “Can I join the practice session which is being held next Wednesday? (Bold is mine)

My answer– Ted asked Mr Wong if he could join the practice session which would be held the following Wednesday.

I was told that ‘is being held’ should be changed to ‘was being held’. However, I find it illogical to use ‘was being held’ in this context. 

Kindly help me to understand how I should change the verb. Thank you very much.




Would is correct because this is going to take place in the future. Was implies that it happened in the past. 

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Hi Ender

Indirect speech does not indicate whether the actual event being reported on is in the past, the present or the future: Indirect speech simply reports what someone said earlier. In this example, the indirect speech could have been made after the event itself, so the actual event would indeed be in the past.

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Thanks JOL 111. Hope my son gets the idea too.

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I think in transformation you should seek to replace as little as possible to retain the sentence’s original meaning.

would be held is a replacement for will be held.

was being held is a replacement for is being held.

Hence it should be was being held.


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Confuse here. I am of the same mind as TS. The sentence will contain “next wednesday” or in TS case “the following wednesday”.  The event is not past tense, yet.

“was being held the following Wednesday” sounds weird.

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You need to maintain the aspect of the verb phrase as well as changing the tense. The verb phrase ‘is being held’ contains an -ing verb.  

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