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The ratios are for the number of notes.

Hope it helps 🙂

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Just to verify with you about the before ratio. Alynna has 5 units while siqi has 2 units though A:$2 and S: $5 ?

did u derive the 5 units for A and 2 units for S as they have the same value ? Therefore when the comparison amount will be reverse of each other?

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Sorry I didn’t see your reply until just now.

And yes that’s how I got the ratio 5 : 2 🙂

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I would solve the above question as follows :

Assuming that there are only $2 and $5 notes in Alynna’s and Si Qi’s wallets respectively,
60/5 = 12 (number of $5 notes Si Qi spent)
25u x 2 = 6u x 5 + (12 x 5)
20u ——- 60
1u ——- 60/20 = 3
25 x 3 x $2 = $150

Ans : 150.

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Well, how do you know there are only those notes? In math, assuming will result in a fluke even if  the answer is correct(although there probably is an error in the question here so chances are that there won’t be a right or wrong, unless the teacher doesn’t realise.)

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