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A total of 54 people were queuing to enter a concert hall. There were at least 3 men between any 2 women. What was the largest possible number of women in the queue?


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If you want the largest number of women, we shall put a woman to be the 1st person in the queue  and only 3 men (not more) in between. This will become a pattern recognition problem.


The pattern repeats in sets of 4 people. Where one set contain 1 woman and 3 men.

54/4 = 13 sets and remainder 2. The remainder 2 means the 14th set is incomplete with only 2 person, one woman and one man.

13 sets have 13 women and from the last incomplete set, we have one more woman.

Total women is 14# at max if we allow the 1st person in the queue to be a woman. ##

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Hi Ender, similar “P6” question here. Think either setter is lacking in creativity? Or maybe, because it goes from “at least 4 men” to “at least 3 men”, then question is downgraded “P5” or the other way round? Of course, another possibility is P6 is the new P5 now. We all need to get ready for the ride yah. 🙂


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I think P5 and P6 is the same standard. Just different school will prioritize different topics to teach first in P5. Like this pattern question, some school may leave it til P6.  Basically from P5, the prep for PSLE begins.


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